How to not Snore while Sleeping

Snoring is natural phenomenon when somebody take sleep, If you are searching for How to not Snore while Sleeping . In this article we will try to find out best solution to stop snoring.

Snoring is harsh and loud sound that occurs when someone gets sleep. According to recent research, Snoring is most common in men, about 42% adult men and about 25% women do snoring while they sleep.

How to not Snore while Sleeping
How to stop your partner snoring

It is common observation that mostly Fatty people or drinkers are habitual snorers. Besides this other factor is people who gets above 50 they are habitual snorers. As we all know that a snoring person completely disturb his or her partner or any other family member or friend who sleep in the same room.

How to not Snore while Sleeping

Do you wake up and exasperated because your partner is snoring? Does snoring make you irritated and you want to flatter your partner? Here is complete solution for How to not Snore while Sleeping or Stop Snoring.

Reasons of Snoring:

There are many reasons that cause Snoring. But, mostly Snoring take place when air can’t move freely through your throat or nose during sleeping. When you breath in, rushing air squeezes past this loose tissue which cause vibrations which converts into annoying sounds  that  make other people awake. Following are factors of Snoring:

  1. Neck fat: Fatty tissue around your neck can become the reason of snore. Poor muscle tone may also contribute in snoring.
  2. Sleeping position: If you have habit of sleeping flat on your back, it may cause flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway that may causes snoring. 
  3. Age: As you reach middle age, your muscle tone throat decreases and your throat become narrower that may cause snoring.
  4. Weight Gain or Fatness: When your weight increased above 75, it will cause snoring while sleeping. Mostly Asian face this situation. Your over weight or fatty body increase snoring while sleeping because one of the causes of the turbulence in the throat is the narrowing of the airway due to neck fat.
  5. Cold or allergies: If you are suffering from cold or allergies they will block air passages that leading to snoring.
  6. Pregnancy: Pregnancy may cause snoring because you are gaining weight and hormonal changes take place in your body. Extra tissue in your neck and throat may become reason of snoring. It will usually disappear after you give birth. But you should take it seriously, talk to your doctor about your snoring. It could be a sign of hypertension, which could lead to preeclampsia, one of main cause of death during pregnancy.
  7. Usage of drugs: When your throat and tongue muscles are relaxing it may become the reason of snoring. It includes alcohol, muscles relaxants and other medications. Constantly bad sleeps lead to drowsiness and poor life style. It may become the reason of accidents while you are driving or operating any machinery.

Tips for How to not Snore while Sleeping:

Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you to get rid of snoring or you minimize the problem.

Change sleeping position:

One of the major factor is sleeping position that cause people to snore. You can reduce snoring by changing your sleep position. Try to sleep straight and take only one pillow under your head, you may wrap your arms around a pillow. You may sleep without pillow, it is hard to take rest; but after few days you will be used to sleep. Try to not sleep on your back. It will help you stop snoring.

Lose your Weight:

If you or are overweight or Fatty then Losing your weight may reduce snoring. Try to exercise daily and avoid eating oily foods. Gaining your weight may increase snoring and other problems. Click here lose your weight in a week.

Throat Exercise:

Throat exercise will help you to get rid of snoring.

  • Slide your tongue behind your top row of teeth several times.
  • Take singing lessons and repeat vowels quickly.

Use peppermint mouthwash:

If snoring is due to temporary conditions caused by head cold or allergy. To get rid of it  you could gargle with peppermint mouthwash. Mix up the herbal gargle, add one drop of peppermint oil to glass of cold water.

Reduce bedroom allergens:

Reduce bedroom allergens (dust, pet dander, mold)  to alleviate nasal stuffiness by vacuuming floors and drapes. Change sheets and pillowcases after some days.

Snoring mouth piece:

Snoring mouth piece can work in multiple ways. It can adjust according of your jaw to keep your airways open, it can be specially designed to keep your tongue from falling back into your throat, or it can help keep your mouth closed at night. You can purchase it according to the type of snoring.


If you are suffering from severe snoring then you should need to take urgent appointment from doctor. They may refer you surgery to remove your oversize tonsils and widen your airway. You may take help from online doctors click here.

Hope that above remedies guide you How to not Snore while Sleeping and you will not disturb your partner sleeping in same room.

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