How to Keep Students Attentive During a Training Seminar or lecture

Keep Students Attentive During a Training

Keep Students attentive during a training seminar or lecture is not an easy task. Do you know that most of good speaker can talk fluently in any event or public gathering but when they are given opportunity to deliver a lecture or training of one to more days, they feel difficulty. Getting attention and stay focused on your presentation when giving a training session, seminar or any lecture is a great art. There are some helpful techniques to help your students to stay alert and find it worthwhile to keep listening actively.

Keep Students Attentive During a Training

Start with a interesting way

In my opinion, try to motivate the audience to be keen interested that what you are going to teach them. Just start with a smile and quote the famous saying of any great philosopher. Always give a pleasant atmosphere to the participants.

Introduce yourself in better way

Briefly define yourself. your personality and dressing also matter in this situation. If you have pleasant personality, people will be definitely take interest to listen. But personality and good looking is something natural. If do not have such personality, don’t worry, just dress up in well manner and prepare yourself before the training or lecture.

Your voice should be very clear and loud

Your voice portrays your personality and emotions. People make assessments about you based on your voice, so it is very important when you’re speaking in any public gathering, you can easily communicate your message through good voice. If you have naturally not do good voice, then take rehearsals. Just record your sound and listen it, till then you get satisfy.

Ask the Questions

This helps students to communicate easily with you and to reflect on what they’re hearing and learning. During the session┬átry to ask questions related to prior knowledge of the students. This ensures bi-directional communications between the participants and the trainer and the session will go in a smooth manner.

Take proper breaks

It is natural that we can not some one more than one two hours, so breaks are necessary for smooth running of session. If you deliver lecture on any interesting subject or topic then participants will take keen interest in the topic. If your topic is somehow difficult like Mathematics then participants will get tired after one hour. So keeping the situation of room take breaks.

Get the feedback

Feedback is very important for your teaching results. At the end of the session, ask for their opinion regarding the session. Try to be friendly with students so that they easily share their opinions, encourage them to suggest “How can we make it in better way”. It would be much better if you get feedback on a paper. End up the session with a smile and satisfaction on your face.

This tutorial will help you to Keep students attentive during a training seminar or lecture. Your comments and valuable suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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