How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook and Twitter

Many guys are are searching for “How to stop autoplay videos on facebook and twitter”, but why? That is great headache when you are sitting with a family or in a decent meeting, as you login facebook and twitter many unwanted videos start streaming automatically. Why that makes irritate? Sometimes people having low internet speed

Guide to Credit Card Purchase Protection

Credit card purchase protection Credit card purchase protection means if you have purchased any item, product or goods by using credit card and immediately uncertainty or accidentally lose or damage it within a certain time period typically around 90 days, probably Credit card company will return the money back. This credit card protection for purchases

How to Find and change MAC address on your PC

MAC Address Everyone IT professional and individual is searching for “How to find and change Mac address”; so first of all we should know what is Mac Address. The abbreviation of MAC is Media access control address. MAC address is also called physical address. It is your PC unique hardware representation. It is the like
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