How Video games can be helpful in treating mental illnesses

Importance of Playing Video Games

BBC has published the research report, according to that Video games can be helpful in treating mental illnesses. Reports shows that patients with sketchronia mental illness patients can be given mental training with the help of video games, which can control the self-determination of self-reliance.

Playing video game causes high-quality structural mind changes in regions accountable for spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic making plans, and great motor competencies, with ability implications for psychiatric problems, new research shows.

Research suggests that through video games patients can control this part of their brain that controls the verbal harmony.

In this small-scale research, patients in the video play game managed to secure a rocket when they were themselves in the MRI scanner and the machine was installed on the part of their brain. Is connected to human sound.

How Video games can be helpful in treating mental illnesses

Patients learned different techniques by playing video games that can overcome brainstorming voices in their everyday life.

Researchers have found that those that play video games show improved cognitive functioning when compared to those that don’t, and that playing video games may even increase brain matter.

Video games can be helpful in treating mental illnesses

As this research was done on a small scale, its results have yet to be passed through the verification process.

The combined research team of the Institute for Psychiatric and Mental Affairs and Rohhampton University of London said that patients with sketzofenia will also overcome the awakened sound in which their medicines do not affect.

Those people who take this disease, their power increases significantly in hearing, which enhances the sensitivity of listening to any type of sound.

This research included 12 patients who had a lot of sophisticated voices in their everyday life, which is among the common symptoms of Scaturphenia patients.

In the research, patients were told to use their mind while connecting to MRI scanners and taking the rocket from one place to another in the video game, and researchers saw that the patient would come from their mind Successfully ignored awesome sounds.

King Natsza Arlovo, a doctor of King College, said: ‘Patients know that when they hear sounds. They can feel So we wanted to use this technique as soon as we know that the sounds are coming so that we can ignore the minds of mind.

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