10 Best Windows 10 Custom Themes for You in 2018

Computer users prefer to use windows 10 operating system hence they need Windows 10 custom themes because of its easy interface and user friendly functionalities of Windows. Microsoft is famous in the marketplace for the interface essentially ( We realize approximately their protection?).

Best Windows 10 Custom Themes

Window 10 has excellent features for their UI, but there are many critics also who stated home windows 10 now not correct with default home windows 10 subject. That’s why people search for home windows 10 custom themes. Many programmers keep Windows and Linux in their systems.

Windows 10 Custom Themes

Microsoft doesn’t like that we established a windows 10 topic which isn’t always signed by way of Microsoft because of protection problems. By the way, we have to admire Microsoft that they updated home windows 10 plenty to put off it’s every and every trojan horse. That’s why they don’t like customization with their topics. Before going to know about latest themes of Windows 10 you may check best Nova launcher themes as well.

How to install custom Windows 10 themes?

Here we will utilize a Patcher Software for introduce custom Windows 10 subjects. This product is protected to utilize however remember that they roll out improvements to the some critical documents of your OS. So before introducing it read the direction which will go amid establishment. I will propose you to reinforcement critical information too.

1: Download UltraUXThemePatcher.

2: Run it with administrator access.

3: Now install it.

4: When you have installed it then reboot your PC. .

Now you need to download a good Windows 10 custom themes.

Top Rated Best Windows 10 Custom Themes:

 Star Wars Theme

Star war Themes

The fight between right and wrong has been continuously depicted perfectly well in megastar Wars. That is the motive why 1,000,000 people love it and appreciate it surprisingly. As a horrible lot as viable, they would like to get something that is associated with superstar Wars showcased on their display screen. On this computing device background, you can see characters maintaining lightsabers which are sparkling brightly against the grey and black gradient historical past of the image. This is surely a theme background fans will be able to relate to.

Download Star war theme for Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1


 Doctor Who Theme

Doctor Who Theme

It’s time Lord who’s an extraterrestrial that made this display come alive because of its significant goals that are to make sure that problems might be long past very quickly. The reality that it’s far Sci Fi has made it one of the shows to watch using folks who are interested in this form of style, and if you love the show, you would like to expose that love too with the aid of making this your laptop background. In this photo, you can genuinely see the spaceship because it goes via outer area.

Download Doctor Who theme for Windows 10


Download theme for Windows 7


Alienware Theme

There is a massive chance that you would like to peer something different to your display. In case you would like to peer something that looks extraordinary, you may be sure that this black colored historical past can merely look incredible with the rest of your pc or computing device. The fantastic thing approximately this is that it has a symbol that you could see in the middle of the display screen. The silver searching icon with its blue eyes can merely look exquisite. You realize that that is something that you do recognize that that is something that you will like notably. It may additionally be best while you open this up in the evening and it isn’t too bright.

Download Alienware theme for Windows 10


Download theme for Windows 7


Overwatch Theme

This subject is based entirely on a game overwatch. In this game the world is under international crises and triumph over these crises a different crew of heroes is being formed of humans around the arena so, that those humans can repair peace inside the world and they had been known as ‘overwatch.’ They manage to repair peace, and it prevailed for the coming decades. However, over a period there has an effect on waned off, and now the arena is once more near the crises, and it’s miles calling for all new and old heroes to stop the crises.

Overwatch windows 10 custom theme

Download Overwatch theme for Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1


Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) Theme

Asus Windows 10 custom theme

If you are a gamer who is well worth his or her salt you then need actually to have a glance out for this fantastic gamer orientated subject matter, genuinely mentioned by using the call, Republic of players of which most of us are a part of, at least in some unspecified time in the future in our lives. Alternatively, if you aren’t a whole lot of a gamer and feature an extra formal sort of life that revolves around the workplace, then you can also have an attempt of this subject because it’ll make your office surroundings more magnificent amusing and less severe.

Download Asus ROG theme for Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1


Deadpool Movie Theme

There has been a time when Deadpool was no longer very popular. Individuals who in no way study comics before may not even apprehend him however after the movie, people just preferred Deadpool just like how they have got appreciated other well-known superheroes. You could see extra of the Deadpool movie now from this home windows theme.  

Dead Pool Windows 10 custom theme

Download Deadpool theme for Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1


Download theme for Windows 7


Final Fantasy Theme

When you have always been keen on final fantasy, you likely by no means anticipated that it will get the level of fulfillment that it’s far receiving right now. It is pretty apparent that it has managed to get such a lot of installments and the new characters that are delivered every time re continually nicely appreciated probable due to their correct appears. Like this character that you’ll be seeing on near up if you choose this historical desktop past.

Steampunk Theme

There is a chance which you are acquainted with the man or woman that you could see on display. If you are acquainted with the man or woman, and you are happy with the concept that you could have this right on your very personal laptop, you know which you want not worry about something. The gray colored historical past looks merely fantastic with the person that appears to be searching for you with sharp eyes.

One Piece Theme

This is one anime cartoon that you have in all likelihood watched every time it’s miles available because of its pleasant memories. When you have desired this series loads, you may probably still remember a number of the episodes which you have wanted due to excellent reasons. The reality that all of the characters of this anime cartoon is depicted indeed on display can also make you revel in giddy with excitement. The fact that the background of the display coincides perfectly nicely with their great poses will slight up your show display screen. Don’t forget their recollections and more with the ones characters as your PC’s historic past.

 Fairy Tail Theme

In case you are into anime, this is quite distinctive from the type of anime cartoons that people used to observe within the beyond, and you had got probably preferred Fairy Tail when you watched it for the first time. You have liked it enough to do not forget setting it as your laptop’s history. This laptop heritage suggests an air of apparent thriller with the masked girl in black is depicted searching right at the user of the pc. The culture is as dark as the garments that the mystery woman is carrying, and it provides a familiar journey to the look of this theme.

Ending Notes

Above are some of the best windows 10 custom themes available in the market. I have tried my level best to provide you better content regarding custom themes for windows 10 like How to install it safely, Why should we install it in Windows 10.

There are few issues with 3rd party themes for windows 10, So take care every precaution which I mentioned above. If you have any question please feel free to ask in comments.