Month: December 2017

Cryptocurrency Predictions: How High Can Bitcoin’s Price Go in 2018?

Cryptocurrency Predictions: Nowadays, there is a trend of investing money in Cryptocurrency market. People all over the world are interested to trade in these currencies because everyone hears the news that the value of cryptocurrencies is continuously rising. Cryptocurrency Predictions 2018 On the flip side, there is a big risk associated with this trading because

How to Fix water damaged Phone (iPhone and Android)

Fix water damaged phone:- Suddenly your expensive smartphone like iPhone or Android dropped in water and you got shocked…!!! How to fix water damaged phone. Losing or damaging smartphone is a very awful thing that happens with us. They are expensive and requires to spend huge amount to recover them. We all have important data

How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook and Twitter

Many guys are are searching for “How to stop autoplay videos on facebook and twitter”, but why? That is great headache when you are sitting with a family or in a decent meeting, as you login facebook and twitter many unwanted videos start streaming automatically. Why that makes irritate? Sometimes people having low internet speed

How to Secure Your Credit Card Information Online

Credit cards make up for your plastic cash online, Hence you should secure your Credit Card Information. If you don’t keep your transactions safe, chances are high that you end up making to the bottom line of decline. More than half of the US consumer market has succumbed to cyber theft and if you are

How to download videos from Facebook to your computer

Download videos from Facebook: Hi friends, often we watched many interesting videos share by our friends, family or pages. We want to save them on your computer permanently but the problem is that we are unable to download it. There are long procedures that not working properly and mostly they are fake methods available. They