Month: February 2018

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Kodi Live

The biggest sports event of the world FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played on June 14th in which 32 teams are participating and compete to get the Championship. Total 64 matches in 11 cities of Russia will be played. Almost 2 billion people from all over the world will watch this world cup. The Champions

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone without Backup

Do you want to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone? Having excellent picture quality of iphone, people usually capture beautiful moments in their mobile, to keep those memories alive. However these devices are not reliable enough and we may suffer from data loss at any time due to a different reasons. May be an accidental deletion, software update,

How to copy Text from secured PDF file

Guys, if you are feeling any difficulty or you have any query How to copy Text from secured PDF file following are the solutions: Yesterday I was searching a Scientific journal, downloaded very important PDF document from google but whenever I tried to copy selected text but copy option was invisible. It was my great

Red Wine can help to Prevent Dental diseases

The past has been talking about good effects on Red Wine Health, which include heart attack and diabetes risk reduction. According to BBC news, a research has shown that the chemicals found in Red Wine ‘polyphins’ help reduce the hazardous health bacteria found in the mouth. These help bacteria fight against dental and acne diseases. However, experts

Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to fix iPhone crash bug

Fix iPhone crash bug Update According to the Verge, today Apple has released iOs 11.2.6 to fix iPhone crash bug which incorporates a bug restore for the Indian language (Telugu) person that crashes an iPhone and makes apps like messages, Facebook messenger, and whatsapp inaccessible. The bug became discovered ultimate week, permitting all and sundry

How to Remove Adware and Pop-Up Ads from Windows 10

Before moving towards the solution of How to Remove Adware and Pop-Up Ads from Windows 10, Let me explain each in detail: So, What is Adware? Adware is a computer program, that displays unwanted ads automatically while you run any software or program. Mostly programmer or advertisers attach unwanted links to their website so called

How to save songs and playlists from Spotify to USB Flash Drive effectively

Spotify to USB Flash Can you save songs and playlists from Spotify to USB Flash memory? This is question usually people ask, since we can access Spotify with a large number of devices. But, Spotify app does not help in case you need to play Spotify songs within the car. This makes the whole experience a boring  without songs. The call for for people to keep Spotify music to a USB flash force are range. some want to free area on the device or a laptop, a few prefer to enjoy Spotify songs anywhere without connection,

How to download and install YouTube Go App Latest Version -0.71.69 beta for android

Download Youtube GO App Latest Version Hi Guys, Most Famous and newly launched app by youtube Youtube go apk latest version is here easily available for you. You can download Latest Version of youtube go Apk for Android. Please follow our tutorial and easily Download youtube go app Latest Version. About Youtube Go App: YouTube pass is an actual app from YouTube that helps

How to reduce PDF file size on Mac OS

Mostly we create PDF document have images and other objects that make size so big, Here is easy guide How to reduce PDF file size on Mac OS. Such type of PDF occupy much space on computer, as well as hard disk. People do avoid from Large PDF files because that document contain much time