5 Best Free Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC

Hi Guys, In this article I will try to suggest best information for the Best Free Xbox one emulator for the game addicts. So have you ever heard about the Xbox? If not then just read the article till end and know about the wonderful features of Xbox.

Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC

Xbox is a wonderful tool created by Microsoft to play the games in effective way. Basically Xbox one emulator is machine works like computer program.  The best opportunity is you don’t need to pay for games. You can simply download them and play them. It is the best way of playing games on PC without any difficulty.  You will find large number of emulators on internet. So to overcome your hassle I will tell you about the best free Xbox one emulator for PC.

Best Free Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC
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Advantages of Xbox one emulator for PC:

There are large numbers of benefits of Xbox one emulator. Let have look on them.

  • You don’t have to pay a single penny in order to avail it services.
  • They provide you the HD display so you can get excellent display.
  • They support audio and sound effect in efficient manner.
  • You can play large number of downloaded games without any hassle or you can use any disc.

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List of best Xbox one emulator for PC

There are large list of Xbox one emulator available on internet. The massive list may confuse you. So to avoid this difficulty here is the list of top best Xbox one emulators.

CXBX Emulator

It is one of the most common emulator which you must try. You can use it for free on windows 7, 8.1, 8 and 10. It provides you the best opportunity to convert Xbox games into exe files.  But on other side it works only with  Battlecry, Whacked, Futurama, Smashing Drive and Turok: Evolution


  • It provides you the best display to view files.
  • It is capable of various Xbox 5DK samples.


  • It needs huge amount of power so you need best PC set up to handle it.
  • It provides access to limited games.

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Xeon Emulator

It is another well known Xeon emulator because it supports huge games. One more benefit of this emulator is it does not only work with windows but also you can operate in DOS system. It will make back up of your data so that your progress will be saves. So buy it without any hassle. Even its manufactures stop to update but still it work well with all type of versions.


  • It can work with operating system and DOS.
  • Xeon creates the backup of your data more effectively.
  • It contains the instruction book which guides you.


  • It works only with NTSC version of halo.
  • It is not updated.

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Dxbx Xbox Emulator

Dxbx Xbox is another best free Xbox one emulator made under the same code CXBX. It can convert the Xbox file into executable files. So it gives you the best way to play all games by using it. It works an Xbox 360 emulator. One of its best feature is it can work with all type of windows but they must be 32-bit. So it cannot work with 64-bit. You can play games with Dxbx are Turok, Rayman Arena, Petit CopterSmashing Drive, Battlestar Galactica, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy.


  • It is specially design with great detection system.
  • It contains direct3D8 engine can work well with graphics work.
  • Xbox kernel and ApIs can be implemented by it.


It can work with only 32 bit version.

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Xenia is another well known Xbox one emulator work effectively with Xbox games. But it cannot work well with heavy games but manufacturer are working on it in order to make it well. So it may be possible the net version of it will more effective and well stable. Xenia is the best Xbox one emulator having below advantages.


  • It works well with all versions.
  • It is updated regularly.


It is slow as compared to other emulators.

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One of the top Xbox one emulator is Ex360E. It work great with Xbox one as well as Xbox 360 games. It converts the Xbox files into executable files so it works well with almost all type of games. But the disadvantage of it lacks the storage and also it can work well with 64 bit. So you need to upgrade your system properly.


  • As it converts the Xbox files into executable files so it can work great.
  • You can play almost all type of games.
  • It works with great speed.


Its display is not so well so you may loss many of the patches.

It is updated properly.

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HackiNations Xbox One Emulator for PC

One of the most well known emulator is hackiNations. It is used by many peoples and can work even with heavy games. It works well with all type of versions and work with great speed. So if you are game addicts you must need it.


  • It work will heavy games and all versions.
  • It works well and with great speed.

Final words:

We have described the 5 best  Free Xbox one emulator for windows PC. Now you can select any of the emulator of your choice. They give you the best chance to play games by using it. All of them have advantages and disadvantages as well. Some are in under developed stages so we will update you further. Share your views with us about the emulators. Visit our site in order to know the updates.