How to protect browser’s password manager for security of data

This is burning issue and big question mark for internet users How to protect browser’s password manager for security of data. But Why people are searching for this…??

How to protect browser's password manager for security of data
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According to reliable sources, research analysts and technology news rang this alarm that :

“Advertisers can use your browser’s password manager to steal your data” 

How to protect browser’s password manager for security of data

Major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc include a password manager that stores the login information of each user for future use. Few people also go with the option “Remember Password”.

The researchers found two scripts that use this technique to extract email addresses from password managers. That are present on 1,110 of the top one million Alexa sites.These scripts, which are designed to help companies track users across the web, have been discovered on more than 1,000 top sites.

Where is the Problem??

Do you think that all online information collection is secure ? Simply No, According to researchers belongs to Princeton University, the trouble begins when you enter an email address in any online form and ask the browser to save it for future use, then visit another page containing a third-party tracking script. The script loads an invisible login form that your browser fills in automatically, then reads this data and sends it to the tracking company.

The email address itself is not necessarily what advertisers wants, but other information is associated it. You use the same email address on multiple websites and devices, which means ad trackers can use it to join up pieces of information from across all your devices. This can build an alarmingly detailed profile including not only details like your location and birth date, but also sensitive information like your height, weight, health conditions and income.

How to Disable your browser’s password manager

To find out the solution of How to protect browser’s password manager for security of data, The first step is disable your browser’s password manager. The researchers have called on Microsoft, Google and Mozilla to implement a solution quickly, but if you’re worried, you can switch off your browser’s password manager in the meantime. You can also protect your accounts and funds transfer and protect your credit card information online.
To disable the password manager in Chrome

  • Go to chrome Settings
  • Scroll down the page and click Advanced.
  • Now Find ‘Passwords and forms’
  • Check the ‘Autofill settings’
  • Click the toggle button switch to ‘Off‘.
  • If you have already saved passwords, clear data from history.
  • There are almost 11 hidden features in Google Chrome which you don’t know.

To disable the password manager in Firefox 

  • Enter about: preferences in the address bar,
  • Click on ‘Privacy & security’
  • Now,  uncheck ‘Remember logins and passwords for websites’.
  • You can also clear already saved form data here.

To disable the password manager in Microsoft Edge

  • Click on the menu button at the top right
  • Select the ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘View advanced settings’.
  • Toggle the ‘Offer to save passwords’ switch to ‘Off’ 
  • Click on ‘Manage my save passwords’ to remove already store data.

Which is the best browser ?

In my opinion Mozilla Firefox is the best browser, We may consider google chrome is also best browser in 2017.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has better features and easy compatibility such as:

  • Very fast
  • Light on system resources
  • Strong privacy tools read more

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