Best Free iPhone and Android Games 2018

Are you looking for the best free iPhone and android games 2018? You have select the right place. Most of the guys don’t know which is the best game and what a game offers to and unaware of features. People do search free games and gets download any game without knowing taste. Most of the iPhone and android users like to entertain themselves by playing different challenges. So here we are going to display the list of best games for this year.

Best Free iPhone and android games 2018

Top Best Free iPhone and Android Games 2018

Here are the top 10 best Free iPhone and Android Games 2018 and all time.

  • 1. Arena of Valor- Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 2. HQ Trivia – Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 3. Gunstar Heros- Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 4. Sonic Runers and Adventure- Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 5. Angry Birds 2- Free Download on iOS | Android
  • 6. Antihero- Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 7. Fire Emblem Heroes – Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 8. Vloggers Go Viral- Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 9. Pokemon Go- Free, Download on iOS | Android
  • 10. Post Knight- Free, Download on iOS | Android

But now on with this list there are many other top best free iPhone and android games 2018.

1-Arena of Valor

Arena of valor involves battling against an enemy group to reach their middle and destroy it before they could spoil yours. Rounds can be five v five, three v three, or 1 v 1, and they last around 10 mins. You could play with buddies, fellow guild individuals, or strangers, letting the sport type you into an appropriate team with its matchmaking functionality.
arena of valor


Classic 5v5 moba, perfected for cellular
Developing range of mythical heroes
In arena of valor, it’s all about talent. We strive to create the most riveting and balanced gameplay, so you can flip the tide of warfare and vie for glory irrespective of the percentages. Win or lose, each motion counts!

Download Arena of Valor

2-HQ Trivia

HQ trivia is the live game display with cash prizes. even though my net is truly terrific, while the game reaches around 400k human beings, the sport starts off evolved to lag and come to be sluggish.

HQ trivia

HQ minutiae is successful new trivia game. It is a stay recreation show where all gamers compete at the same time. There may be a number that asks questions and those solution in real time. There are 12 questions in line with round with a ten second timer for each question. The human beings left standing after 12 questions split the winnings. Did we mention that it is actual money? It’s truly some thing unique within the cellular gaming space. Games take area at 9pm est each day with 3pm games on weekdays. That means there are 12 video games in keeping with week. That makes it tough to burn out on the sport too fast. It is free to download without a in-app purchases.

Download: HQ Trivia

3-Gun-star Heroes

One of the sega genesis / mega drive’s maximum-rated games, gunstar heroes is now available on cellular! Play loose and rediscover treasure’s traditional gem!

A forgotten lunar splendid weapon, a totalitarian empire bent on world domination, and an insane popular who’ll forestall at nothing to bring the planet to its knees – best the gunstar heroes can stop him. Play as dual brothers red and blue, and embark upon one of the most valuable sega gems of all time. Arm yourselves with flame-throwers, homing missiles, and lasers to take the combat to the enemy’s hq – the scary orbital castle, the ark!

gunstar heroes

Gunstar heroes joins the ever-growing line-up of ‘sega all the time’, a treasure trove of unfastened sega console classics added again to lifestyles on mobile!

Download Gunstar Heros

4-Sonic Runners Adventures

Sonic runners adventure is an infinite runner platformer posted with the aid of gameloft for android and java-based cellular phones. As part of the sonic the hedgehog series, the sport serves as a sequel to 2015’s sonic runners.

Run with sonic, the velocity legend, and all his buddies in his first cell platformer of 2018. Sonic the hedgehog and his buddies are lower back in an action-packed runner game!

Sonic Runners

Trap speed fever as you relive the sonic legend. Run, jump, dash or fly throughout the street and through thrilling platformer tiers. Unencumbered new characters inclusive of tails, knuckles and more, each with their personal precise competencies you can energy up. Rush to keep sonic’s universe by using combating dr. Eggman throughout 4 iconic locations.

Download Sonic Runners Adventures

5-Angry Birds 2

We didn’t think we wanted every other irritated birds video games, but apparently rovio had different plans. Six years and 14 games after the original identify comes angry birds 2; redefining the collection in all the right approaches.

You may forget about all those stupid spin-offs due to the fact irritated birds 2 drills right to the center of the indignant birds gameplay. You’re nevertheless asked to fling your feathered allies into structures to topple the awful piggies, however you can now pick out which birds you need to catapult and while.

angry birds

There are different better gameplay functions and these, combined with beautiful comedian-stimulated snap shots, make for a definitive indignant birds games.

Plus, it’s loose, so provide it some time and inform us we’re incorrect. We dare you.

Download Angry Birds 2


When it comes to racing games without an up-front rate tag, gameloft has actual winners with asphalt xtreme and asphalt 8. The previous is an offroad style racer with a ramification of tracks, on-line multiplayer, and various motors that you can unlock.
Asphalt 8: airborne is an older recreation, however has a metric ton of content so that you can play via. It also has on-line multiplayer and other activities to play. Those are both very strong racing video games considering their loose charge tag, but their in-app buy method is a touch competitive. They’re extremely good stories. They are both awesome unfastened android games.
Download Antithero

7-Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo design fireplace logo heroes  for android and iphone. Cellular gaming hearth emblem heroes crafts a deceptively deep srpg ideally fitted for cell.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fireplace logo heroes does an notable process of translating the existing gameplay system to ios and android. Admittedly, it lacks a number of the intensity of the 3ds entries, yet often feels simply as challenging. Dealing with your successful squad of heroes nonetheless calls for a keen sense of approach, albeit on a smaller and really simplified scale.

Every bankruptcy has you struggling with via a series of skirmishes before discovering the iconic man or woman in question. Duking it out with them is a blast, even though at times the problem feels missing.

Download Fire Emblem Heros

8- Vloggers Gone Viral

Vloggers go viral doesn’t deviate too far from the widespread clicker system i’ve come to expect from the style, however the novel idea that lies underneath it is one that holds interest for longer than one would possibly assume. Constructing my very own online empire was a amusing, profitable and quite non-public enjoy. My mundane bed room quickly transformed into a glamorous studio packed with exuberant posters, high-tech equipment and even a wrinkly little pug.

Vlogger go viral
Vloggers gone viral is a amusing, adorable and pleasing clicker on the way to surely attraction to the younger generation obsessed on global famous youtube stars. Even in case you’re a touch older, this is still a worthwhile idle experience.

Download Vloggers Gone Viral

9-Pokemon Go

Pokemon pass has fast turn out to be a international phenomenon. Millions of humans are the use of the particularly addictive ar enjoy to capture-em-all in the actual global.

Pokemon Go

The use of your cellphone’s gps, you could wander around and use real-international landscapes to warfare in gyms, collect gadgets and even lay down your own marker as a health club.

Pokemon appear at random during the arena, and the use of your telephone’s digicam will seem within the real global, from starbucks to museums in your very very own house.

Download Pokeman Go

10-Post Knight

We additionally love amassing random candies and completing quests, each of which put up knight offers out in plentiful spades. You play as an lovable little warrior given the job of what can handiest be described as a medieval mailman. The townspeople want stuff, and also you’re the sole person capable of handing over it without being wolfed through wolves.

Post Knight

Post knight kicks off with our hero acquiring his first actual postal license. With this he can deliver parcels across the land with the use of his sword, shield and potions. By using taking quests from a close-by postbox you earn experience and materials used for upgrading your tattered device. Soon you’ll be wearing an arsenal worthy of pushing via the toughest of ranges.

Download Post Knight

There are So many other best free iPhone and Android Games 2018 available on google play store, but we recommend you these as the top most viewed and highly searched by millions of users. We love to get feedback from you, just drop a comment here…!!!