A List of the Best No Wifi Games Free

There are more than a few places even today where you would have a hard time finding a WiFi connection or making your phone internet work. And let’s face it; WiFi games can be a bit frustrating sometimes, especially if they are network issues.

You may constantly get disconnected and be left stuck right in the middle of your game. And this is one of the reasons there are thousands of people searching for no WiFi games free (after all, who wants to pay for Android or iOS games that they can play without WiFi?).

But you probably already know all these things, and would just like to get to the games you can play without WiFi. So without further ado, let’s walk you through the best games you can play without WiFi regardless of whether you use Android or iOS.

Games That Don’t Need Wifi

The Most Fun No WiFi Games Available for Free

1- Badland

This one is best and 2d runner game. It is made in forests and you have to find what is wrong in the forest. There are number of hurdles you have to go through in the game. Number of stages you can pass by going through different ways. This game is limitless and you don’t have to follow the rules. Moreover 10 million people are enjoying it and it also has good rating. You can download it for free from the Google play store.

2- Minecraft Pocket Edition

It is well known because of it creativity. You can use different tools, weapons and unlimited resources in the game and make your own virtual world. You can made different type of bridges, houses, castles, clouds and much more. It is available for free in the Google app store. Download it and enjoy it unlimited stages.

3- Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the adventures and well known Game for action lover. You can attack on the enemies by using different weapons and defeat them. This game has number of stages and every stage is going to be more amazing. You can download it from play store and play it without WIFI.

4- Hungry Shark Evolution

In this game there is a shark which wants to eat almost all the things in the ocean. You have to earn coins, gold in order to grow and survive in the game. After reaching the target you can purchase the bigger shark. The game is very colorful just like the beautiful Disneyland. It captures the attention of player and releases the frustration and makes you relax. As you pass the stages of the game will have more beautiful creature in the ocean. No ads will annoy you so download it from play store and enjoy it.

5- Despicable Me

This is 3D racing game with lot of fun. You have to collect bananas as you jump, run and run to get them. The most beautiful track of the game made it more beautiful and eye capturing. You can get it from the play store and enjoy it.

6- Alto’s Adventure

Another endless runner snowboarding video game is Alto’s Adventure that you can enjoy without the WI-FI. In this game Ilmas will escape and you have to find them all. You have snowboard which helps you to capture them all. You have to get through all the difficulties in order to get them back. You will get coin after receiving the target so you can avail different things from the game shop.

It has beautiful color combination which make you active and you will feel bore in the game. You can play it for a long while. So download it and enjoy it amazing features.

 7- 2048

2048 is puzzle game so it is best for puzzle lovers. In this game there is 4*4 board that has randomly even numbers. You have to add them in such order that you can easily get grand total 2048. It is the simple and challenging game. In rare cases you get 2048 grand total. You can enjoy it without WI-FI and enjoy your time.

Above is the list of top 10 best  Games That Don’t Need Wifi to play them. We have already discussed best offline games for android in our previous article. So from the above games you can download any of your choice and enjoy it.