Best Nova launcher themes for Android Greeks to try

Many smartphone users must know about Nova launcher themes and few of you will be searching for Best Nova launcher themes for Android. So let me explain what is Nova launcher theme?

Nova Launcher is one of the most progressive and adjustable launchers. However, it needs now and again, that doesn’t have its subject store, yet the engineers of the launcher thinks about this issue, the motivation behind why this launcher doesn’t have any topic store since you can make your own particular subjects.

Best Nova launcher themes for Android Greeks

Meanwhile if you are Android user and using Nova Launcher, you may have heard individuals discussing Nova launcher theme setup. You may have observed that Nova Launcher do not have features as themes do have. That is bit irritating truly because various other launchers include theme customization offers with latest updates. So here is Best Nova launcher themes for Android Greeks to try and  you can make your own themes with Nova Launcher.

Best Nova launcher themes for Android Users

NOTE: Nova launcher prime ($4.99). Costs and subtle elements are specified in whatever remains of the post. Along these lines, how about we cut the pursuit and skip straight to the best topics that we can use for Nova Launcher.

We played around with the best widgets, wallpapers, icon packs and obviously, the different Nova Launcher settings and made 10 beautiful Nova Launcher themes. So, here are the 10 best Nova Launcher themes for android users to equip your android phone with excellent features.

Update: Nova Launcher 5 is launched, you can get new features like Quick Start, You can easily setup Latest settings when you install the launcher. Just navigate tap your mobile gadget through for quick start Nova Settings > Backup & Restore > Quick Start.

How to Create your own Nova Launcher Theme

This is the best element of this launcher, yet making a subject by your own takes a great deal of time and exertion. Try not to freeze I am here for your assistance and making your work simple. Simply pick your subject and we give every one of the things. You can introduce the topic effectively. All you have to download the reinforcement of the topic and after that you can reestablish the subject on your gadget, on the off chance that you don’t know how to do this we make everyone follow steps below:

  • First of all, get download Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store.
  • Install theme on your device. You will get the message for taking backup but you can leave this.
  • Pick your best from Nova Launcher themes, and download its backup file.
  • Now, move to the Nova Launcher Settings.
  • Then find Backup & import Settings, and tap on it.
  • Navigate to Restore or manage backups. And give it all the permissions.
  • Click on the browse button and search for the downloaded backup file.
  • That’s it.

Try out these Nova Launcher Themes

All things considered, these are some themes we made for you however you can without a doubt take our layout and add your own particular bend to it. Likewise, we would love to see the Nova launcher themes for Android you have created. Do call out in the remarks segment underneath with your subjects and on the off chance that you have any questions in regards to the previously mentioned topics.

1- Minimal Nova Launcher Theme

If you want a bright outlook setup for your Android phone then this will be the best for you.

Minimal Nova Launcher theme for android


2- Blue Wall Nova Launcher Theme

If your favourite color is blue or you like Facebook look then you can go for this theme as it comprises of a blue background that your device reflect a blue layout. To get this theme, follow the steps-

 Blue Wall Nova Launcher Theme for android users

3. Earth View Nova Launcher Theme

This theme will give your phone a catchy look like a gadget from a sci-fi movie. It provides you a satellite view of earth. If you want to get this theme, follow the below steps

4. Black and White Nova Theme

If you want to add a lite shade of grey to your device then you can select this theme. It applies flight icon to suit the black and white background. Follow the below steps to get Black and White theme.

Black and White Nova Launcher Theme for android


5. Android Nougat Nova Launcher Theme

It gives the nougat feel on non-nougat smartphones. To get this theme, follow the steps-

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(Android Nougat N2)
  • ICONS- Moonshine
  • Nova settings- set icon color to yellow; folder preview to disc.

6. Vibrant Color Nova Launcher Theme

It gives the vibrant layout. In this, the low poly background is combined with icons of pixel icon. To get this theme, follow the steps-

Other best Nova launchers themes for android are:

7. Honeycomb Nova Theme

8. Superhero Nova Launcher Theme

9. Lines Nova Theme

10. Metallic Nova Launcher Theme

11. Crystal Nova Theme

Ending Note

These are some of the best Nova Launcher themes for android, if we miss any other cool theme, mention it in the comment section. If you want to reset settings Nova Launcher themes Apk, You should navigate with this options setting->apps->Nova Launcher-> storage and “clear app data”. If you feel any difficulty while installing Nova themes, just drop your query in comments.

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