Best of CES 2018: News and Highlights Summary from Las Vegas

The world’s largest technology show CES 2018 has reached its conclusion following a week, So we here Best CES 2018: news and highlights are sharing with you. The world’s numerous manufacturers showing off their latest products, newest gadgets, and best innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

ces 2018: news and highlights

This article contains all the information about CES 2018: News and Highlights you need to know. Whether you are look best products and biggest news from TVs and Laptops to cars, VR and latest home technology. Here I will tell you about specific company news from the likes of Google, Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and much more.

At last all the companies made their CES announcement after so many rumors and guesswork. Let’s take a look on what they are going to launch in the world biggest tech event.

The Best of CES 2018: News and Highlights from Las Vegas

After months of guesswork and rumours, all the major companies made their CES announcements, so let’s take a look and what the big players got up to during the world’s biggest tech event.

Asus at CES 2018: News and Highlights

Asus is going to launch the Mac mini like Chromebox 3. It will support dual-band 802 and run Chrome OS. Gigabit LAN and 11ac Wi-Fi means that 4k video streaming should be breeze.

Acer at CES 2018: News and highlights

Acer is going to launch sleek swift 7 ultrabook which will bring huge change in technology this year. The Acer swift 7 is the thinnest laptop at 8.988mm and pack built in 4G LTE connectivity to boot. It 14 inches display make it more impressive and elegant.

Dell at CES 2018: News and highlights

Dell latitude is going to launch the greatest features at CES 2018. They provide 2 in 1 laptops for work place that pack dual core and quad-core 8 gen intel chips. They are more powerful and faster than previous ones. Here is list of their expected price.

  • Dell latitude 5290 2 in 1 starting at $899
  • Dell-latitude 7390 2 in 1 starting at $1,149
  • Dell latitude 5490 notebook starting at $799
  • Dell-latitude 7490 notebook starting at 1,049

Google at CES 2018: News and highlights

This year CES has most interesting things than previous year. Google for the first time make convention floors fighting back against the Amazon’s Alexa takeover. Its Hey Google event in vegas featured than you could shake a croupier rake, with the internet giant.

Intelligent touch screen devices, smart phones and headphones were represented with the likes of bang & Olufsen, jaybird, Lenovo, Sony all revealed to be developed new assistant ready key. 

HTC at CES 2018: News and highlights

HTC is going to be the world most premium VR headset, boating and improving display pixels and resolution. They will offer an official vive wireless adapter from summer. This is very exciting news because cutting the cord is necessary to VR hitting the big game.

We are not sure about the price and exact release date but by judging the price of original vive, it won’t come cheap.

Intel at CES: News and highlights

Intel launch new chips that are design to bring improve in gamming to number of ultraportable laptops, with intel AMD vega chips sets to e available in Core i5 and i7.

An important feature intel will provide intel also pledged to patch all meltdown and spectre affected chips by the end of the month.

Lenovo at CES 2018: News and highlights

Lenovo offers tether-free, phone-free VR experience. They set price under $400. They also offer new laptops, monitor and tablets to show. The Lenovo smart display attains the most attention. It is basically an Amazon Echo show, but they are swapping Alexa for Google assistant. They are release in summer 2018 after that they launch in UK.

LG at CES 2018: News and highlights

LG reveals that they will launch the rollable 65 inches 4k OLED at this year which will provide amazing features and bring change in industry. They are also going to make change into everything from TVs and speakers to refrigerator, AC and even in robots.

Nvidia at CES 2018: News and highlights

Nvidia announced that it is going to launch 65-inch Big Format Gaming Displays, or BFGDs for short. These will feature a 4K resolution and HDR support, as well as G-Sync compatibility.

Panasonic at CES 2018: News and highlights

One of the first big names out of the gate at this year’s CES was Panasonic. It unveiled its highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s excellent Panasonic EZ1000 OLED TVs.

Samsung at CES 2018: News and highlights

Samsung announced that they will help to conquer OLED with its own TV technologies this year. It consists of three parts: significant upgrades to its existing QLED range in the short term; the introduction of 8K Micro Full Array TVs later in the year; and, finally, its first Micro LED offering in late-2018 or early 2019. Samsung has not announced that they are launching Galaxy S9 in coming month or not?

Qualcomm at CES 2018: News and highlights

Chip maker Qualcomm said that the automobile version of its well-known snapdragon platform – unsurprisingly called the snapdragon car platform – will function within the 2018 Honda Accord and destiny jaguar land rover automobiles. Amongst different things, Qualcomm will be supporting to power in-car data and amusement, in addition to 4g and wi-fi connectivity.

Sony at CES 2018: News and highlights

Japanese electronics company seemed quite interested at CES 2018. Sony launched its first new Xperia phones of 2018 in the form of the Xperia L2Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra.

The mid-range trio sees the Japanese tech giant finally unlock its fingerprint scanning tech for the US market, as well as boosting the processor to a Snapdragon 630 and upping the camera spec.

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