7 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android- Have you ever heard about Wireshark?? Wireshark is an open source of network packet analyzer, which is an essential step in actually breaking into someone’s wireless system by illegally. Wireshark captures network packets and display packet data in a detailed manner. It is like a measuring device to examine what is going on inside a network cable. Wireshark is a software that enable us to see all the unencrypted network communication going in and out of the computer. But unfortunately it is not available for Android. But don’t worry there are other applications that collects, capture and monitor data package like Wireshark.

Packet sniffing or device monitoring on Android require ROOT access. Android uses built in Wi-Fi card in promiscuous code. To prevent its misuse, manufacturer turns OFF this feature. The solitary way to track and monitor packets and fix this problem is by gaining ROOT access on Android.

Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Why Wireshark is Important ?

Generally, most Windows PCs, requires an outsider WiFi connector to empower indiscriminate mode, while some macOS gadgets can utilize the implicit WiFi card in unbridled mode. Android then again, can likewise utilize the implicit WiFi connector for indiscriminate mode. Be that as it may, to keep its abuse, most produce kill this element. What’s more, the main workaround is picking up ROOT access on Android gadget, in the event that you need to catch parcels from different gadgets. Without ROOT, you can just screen movement from your gadget.

Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Here are some of the free, flexible, popular and easy packet tracking and monitoring applications for Android alternative to Wireshark. The following are 7 Best Wireshark alternatives for android. 

1- zANTI

zANTI is a free app and you can download it from the official website. However, you need to submit your email address to get the download link. Zanti is a mobile penetration tool that enable the users to:

  • Monitor and capture what other people are browsing on their Wi-Fi network
  • Sniff into username and password
  • Track website
  • Track images
  • Capture downloads
  • Hijack http sessions
  • Exploit routers
  • Audit password
  • Identify security holes within your network
  • Also detect any possible threat or attack and give you detailed report
  • It helps in making you secure online.

2- Aircrack-ng

Aircrack is another tool for Wi-Fi penetration, network sniffing and security.

It focuses on following areas of Wi-Fi security:

Monitoring: Aircrack uses third party tool to capture Data and export for further processing.

Attacking: it incorporates packet injection techniques for attacking clients.

Testing: it checks Wi-Fi cards and capabilities of drivers.

Cracking: It decrypts WEP or WPA encrypted files. It’s a tool for communicating access point without WEP key and tool for recovering WEP key.

3- cSploit

cSploit is advance IT security tool for android.

cSploit hasmany features and functions but its key features are:

  • Ability to collect and see host systems finger prints
  • It maps internal network
  • Password sniffing
  • Crack Wi-Fi password
  • Its targets are to find vulnerabilities, find exploit for these vulnerabilities, and use those exploits to gain access to the targets.

4- Nmap

Nmap is another penetration testing tool for network sniffing. It is free and open source for network discovery and security auditing.

This software provide multiple features some of them are:

  • Tool for network packet generation
  • Utility for comparison of results of Nmap scans
  • Concatenate and redirect sockets
  • Mapping of network
  • Host discovery
  • Service and operating system detection.

5- Debug proxy

Debug proxy is hosted proxy server that helps you to debug your network applications and interact with traffic passing through it. It decrypts SSL by acting as a MITM proxy. It helps to view, modify and pause the traffic through the proxy. Its quality features are:

  • No ads
  • No root required
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works fast
  • Security testing
  • Bug fix.

6- Wi-Fi killer

As name is self-explanatory, it is an application that gives you complete control on all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. It can also disable internet connection of devices connected to your Wi-Fi. Wifi Killer requires ROOT access for scanning and functioning. It is mainly a Wi-Fi network controller application.

7- Packet capture

It is another application for network sniffing that capture and record network packets. It can also decrypt SSL using MITM (Man in the middle) attack. Another good feature is, it can run without any root permission. So it is simple, easy and straightforward application.

Above are Best Wireshark alternatives for android besides the android they are also useful for Windows. These are some of the best Wireshark alternatives for network sniffing and analyzing. These tools are great for network security to unveil potential threats in the network, tools helps network sniffing and analyzing tools are great for network security to unveil potential threats in the network.