How to Book Uber without smart phone applications

Book Uber Without Smart phone Applications

Smart phones these days have reduced much botheration. Booking or ordering anything from PC or laptop was hectic and it requires much time. Android or smartphone applications have shortened the steps by saving time. Users can easily book any ride of Ola or Uber, which is convenient for them from smart phones to reach towards their destination. However, due to any problem, one is unable to book expedition from a smart phone; these applications can be used by sitting in front of PCs. Ola’s official website contains this facility for booking ride. Similarly, Uber has also launched smart and easy ways to booking rides. The article will take the reader on the journey of booking ride of their favourite company from scratch. Therefore, readers! Hook up! read the process keenly.

How to Book Uber without smart phone applications

 Booking Uber Ride From PC

Uber website is not built with an opportunity to book a ride. Therefore, users need to follow one extra step. Keeping an Uber account is necessary.  Be subsequent to all steps below.

  • Open your browser, and go to website (mobile version of the website).
  • Next screen will prompt you for your phone number and password.
  • Then, you will receive an OTP on your phone; enter that. It will lead to booking page. This is one-time affair, next time for booking ride from PC you will not be prompted for OTP to enter.
  • Enter your pick up and drop location.
  • Various cab options and the trip map will be shown below with fare estimation, pickup time and payment method. Follow and complete the procedure by clicking request button at the end.
  • Clicking on request button is the confirmation from users of confirmation of the ride, and you are good to go. Have a safe journey.

Other interesting ways to book Uber ride:

  • Uber have their web application, which works for window 10 users only.
  • You can also dial Uber and can book the ride.
  • You can also go to and book your ride after confirming your picking point, destination, payment method etc.

Booking Ola ride without smartphone

Booking Ola ride is easy with PC. It just needs few steps and short time.

  • Go to from your browser.
  • Enter your pick up and drop location into required fields with timings.
  • Enter the button to search cab from the nearby location.
  • A screen with a list of cars nearby your location will be displayed with the fare. Choose one of them, the booking will show cash as payment option—click on that and sign in by following steps.
  • Enter your phone number in the required field.
  • Enter OTP, which you will receive on phone inappropriate place.

Entering an OTP received on cell phone inappropriate prompt is the one-time botheration. Next time when you will book the ride signing in steps will not be required.

Disadvantages of booking ride on PC:

The cancelling function of rides does not work appropriately on PC. For cancellation, you require application on a smart phone.

Only cash as the payment method is allowed while booking your expedition, with any of these Cab services.