How to Burn DVD on Windows 10 without any software

Hi Guys, In this article you will get easy ways How to Burn DVD on Windows 10 without any software. You don’t need any Extra software program to burn CD/DVD in Windows 10. Windows 10 itself includes device to burn your CD/DVD. You can create audio or Video or Data CD/DVD without using any extra software. In this article I am showing you methods how you could burn DVD on Windows 10.

How to burn dvd windows 10

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How to Burn DVD on Windows 10

Method 1

1. Insert CD/DVD in DVD drive. Wait for few moments till you will get notification. Click on Notification. If you miss notification then remove DVD and insert it again in the DVD ROM. Still if you miss notification, then go to method 2 where you will learn about burning DVD without notification.

2.You will see another notification with some options. Probably you will see it at top right corner. Select Burn files to Disc.

burning dvd

3.You will see Burn a Disc windows shows that in below screenshot. Write any title in the Disc Title field. Select With a CD/DVD player option. And Click Next.

4.You will see a window where you need to drag files. Press Windows button + E. A File explorer will be opened. Select the required files and videos and Drag those files to this Explorer window. You can drag more than one file. You can also copy and paste any folder. Now you have files to burn. Click on Drive tools. Select Finish burning.

You can also Right click on Empty space in the Explorer window. Select Burn to Disc.

5.You will see Burn to Disc window. If you want, you can change Disc title and Recording speed. Otherwise leave them as it is. Select Next.

It will start burning your CD/DVD, Wait until it burns in to disc. After completion of burning process, your CD will be ejected automatically.

Just keep in mind that if file format is not compatible with your DVD player, then yo may not play your file. So you need to change your file format which is suitable to your DVD player.

Method 2  How to Burn DVD on Windows 10

When you are not able to hold notification, you can follow this procedure.

1.Insert CD/DVD in your Laptop or PC CD/DVD driver.

2.Open file explorer. Browse your computer drives. Go to your file. If you want to burn more files, place all files in one folder. Or you can select all files by using shift key. Right click on file or folder. Select Send to . Select DVD RW drive.

You will see Burn a Disc window which is shown in Step 3 in first method. Just follow from step 3 to step 5 from above first method.

Method 3 How to Burn DVD on Windows 10

You can also burn your DVD by using Windows media player in Windows 10.

1.Insert CD/DVD in CD/DVD drive of your computer.

2.Open Windows media player. Select Burn option in top right. If you don’t see your Disc. Just click on CD Drive option, it will show your disc. Press Windows + E. It will open another file explorer. Select your file and drag in to burning list. Click Start burn option.

It will show Burn a Disc window. Just follow from step 3 in above methods. It will complete burning and will eject your CD.


If you create CD/DVD as a interest or to your personal use, you want no longer to go for any extra software. Because Windows 10 provides you features to burn CD/DVD. But it lacks a few consequences and functions which might be in professional software. If you want greater consequences and capabilities, you need buy Cyberlink Power2Go.

Hope you will like above article to Burn DVD on Windows 10. If you realize any other approach, add in comments segment. If you want it please share it with your friends and circle of relatives.