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How to protect your facebook pictures from being copied

Facebook improves its privacy setting day by day and offers new features, recently facebook provide you feature to protect your facebook pictures from being copied. Mark Zuckerberg says facebook developers are working on different tools to revive the image of FB in better books, so many users left Facebook due to Fake accounts and fake users.

How to Stop Instagram from Oversharing

Being the Instagram user, are you looking for How to stop instagram from oversharing? If yes, then read out below article. Instagram’s newest function notifies your co-worker and mates about how currently you used the app. This means that friends can easily know if you are ignoring their direct messages. Certainly, there is an easy

Best Free iPhone and Android Games 2018

Are you looking for the best free iPhone and android games 2018? You have select the right place. Most of the guys don’t know which is the best game and what a game offers to and unaware of features. People do search free games and gets download any game without knowing taste. Most of the

How to protect your PC against the Intel chip flaw

Intel is grabbing another significant security lackness in its processors, that made many users worry about “How to protect your PC against the Intel chip flaw”. Researchers have discovered a design vulnerability in Intel CPUs over the last few years that covers the ability of ordinary programs to determine the content or layout of protected kernel memory.

How to make your smartphone’s battery last longer

Most smartphone’s battery has great consumption due to carelessness of users, when problem occurs people get worry about “How to make your smartphone’s battery last longer”. Smart phones made our life easy by providing us the opportunity to do our task in more efficient way. The efficiency of smart phones depends upon their battery life.

How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr- FAST!

If you have created an account on fiverr and searching for buyer, don’t get any order and you are looking for “How to get your first order on fiverr” It is big problem for the all beginners to get first order. Everyone has craze and enthusiasm to get their first order quickly on We