Cryptocurrency Predictions: How High Can Bitcoin’s Price Go in 2018?

Cryptocurrency Predictions: Nowadays, there is a trend of investing money in Cryptocurrency market. People all over the world are interested to trade in these currencies because everyone hears the news that the value of cryptocurrencies is continuously rising.

Cryptocurrency Predictions 2018

On the flip side, there is a big risk associated with this trading because there are uncertainties and for this sake, you should analyze different factors. When it comes to the comparison of flat currencies with crypto currencies, there is less volatility in the former one.

Cryptocurrency Predictions: How High Can Bitcoin Price Go in 2018?

Anyways, adopting smarter approach and learning some tactics of the game, you can earn a huge profit by trading in this highly unpredictable market. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has been in the market since 2008 but it got fame in 2013. The best thing about Bitcoin trading is that its transactions are made anonymously and there isn’t any intermediary involved.

Bitcoin trend in 2018:

According to latest Cryptocurrency Predictions, the prices of Bitcoin are touching the sky in the year of 2017 and because of this outstanding rise in its price; people all over the world have been bound to pay attention to this currency. It has been researched that there were just a few traders who were engaged in Bitcoin trading rill the start of 2017 but at the end of this year, there’s been a flood and even the non-traders are showing their interest to invest in Bitcoin and to enjoy the huge profits.

However, in the last few weeks of 2017, the sudden and continuous decrease in Bitcoin price has been observed and that has led to cause the fear in the minds of investors. Anyways, it is a fact that Bitcoin industry has been growing continuously and it is gaining recognition day by day according to the Bitcoin predictions.

Therefore, in year 2018, this currency will further grow because more and more countries will come out wither to accept Bitcoin for what it is or to take actions to control this industry. Either way, Bitcoin is going to grab the attention of everyone. Anyways, being more practical, it can be said that Bitcoin trend is still going to rise in New Year but the pace of increase in Bitcoin price will become slower.

How High Can Bitcoin Price Go in 2018?

At the start of year 2017, the price of Bitcoin was $920 that continuously increased throughout the year and on    November 2017; its price had reached to $10,000. Don’t you think it is such an outstanding increase in its price! Therefore, the investors had earned big profits through Bitcoin trading. Furthermore, the price of Bitcoin has reached to $12620 on 31st December, 2017.

How high can Bitcoin price go till December 2018

Now the question is where do investors see Bitcoin till the December 2018? Is it going to increase or drop down? Julian Hosp who is a Cryptocurrency entrepreneur has reported to CNBC that the price of Bitcoin could hit $60,000 in December, 2018. He is very optimistic regarding this digital currency and he predicts that no “crypto winter” is going to come right now. He has further reported that Bitcoin price is not going to fall in the coming year but in the long run, definitely there will be a dip down.

Furthermore, a senior editor from named Marvin Dumont has also reported that Bitcoin can reach $60,000 by December 2018 and it means that the price of this digital currency can grow three times from now. Muhammad Tayeb who is MedicalChain COO has also given similar type of Bitcoin prediction. He has reported that if not more than at least the price of Bitcoin is going to cross $50,000 till the end of year 2018.

In my opinion Bitcoin’s price will raise up after July 2018, initially price fall down in 2018 because to get control on the shoot up of price of Bitcoin. It is highly expected that BTC will reach to $20,000 till the end of 2018.

Pace of rise in Bitcoin trading:

According to Bitcoin predictions, there is good news for the investors of Bitcoin that its price will still remain strong in the year of 2018 but on the flip side, they should also accept the fact that they are not going to multiply their profits many times because the pace of rise in Bitcoin trading will be slower. Because of this slow pace, many traders may shift their attention to other types of Cryptocurrency by having a look at their trends and predictions. It has been predicted that the price range of Bitcoin trading will be $10,000 to $50,000. Because of this consistency in the price of Bitcoin, the trend of alternative currencies is going to boost up and it seems that the competition between Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is going to get tougher.

Ethereum price predictions:

It is true that Bitcoin is the first one that has given the concept of Cryptocurrency to the world but Bitcoin trading has seriously cashed its first mover advantage really well. However, no more! In the year 2018, Bitcoin is going to get fewer shares as compared to other cryptocurrencies . It is because of the reason that the pace of price rise in BTC trading will be lower. In comparison to the Bitcoin trend, Ethereum price predictions show that it is going to get the big share of investment in the crypto currencies in 2018. Ethereum is also a Cryptocurrency that is being traded since 2013 and the New Year is predicted as the peak year for Ethereum. These predictions are based on the Bitcoin trend to the great extent and it is said that Ethereum is going to give tough time to the Bitcoin Currency.

Ethereum price predictions:

There were just 38,730 transactions in total in Ethereum since January 1st, 2017 but on May 2017, it has increased to 140,135 transactions. It means that there’s been 262% growth even in less than 6 months. The trend of Ethereum is still going to boost in the New Year and it is predicted that Bitcoin trading will lose most of its market share to Ethereum because investors are forecasting more fruits in Ethereum as compared to Bitcoin on the basis of Bitcoin predictions and Ethereum price predictions.

Bitcoin predictions are not in the favor of its investors:

Off course, the investors of Bitcoin would be looking for continuous boost in the New Year but unfortunately, the Bitcoin predictions are not in the favor of these investors. As I have already mentioned that the prices of Bitcoin are not going to rise to the huge extent while on the other side, the investors of Ethereum may enjoy this failure of Bitcoin trading because Ethereum is going to grow at a wider pace according to Ethereum price predictions. However, still the industry of crypto currencies is uncertain and so there is no surety on which side, this market is going to move. Every business is risky, bitcoin is so much. If you want to invest in other business, there are top 10 ideas of investment.


The trend of digital currencies is still going to rise in the new year and in this increasing trend, the two major contenders are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Between these two, Ethereum is being predicted to get the maximum share in the market because the pace of price rise in ether will be much faster and higher as compared to that of Ether.

Anyways, you should not bound cryptocurrency predictions or take the decision only on the base of Bitcoin predictions and Ethereum price predictions but there are many other things that are important to consider. Policy makers have also started to take the notice and they are regularly issuing different statements regarding such types of cryptocurrencies. In some countries, the trading of these digital currencies has been banned like in China because Governments have to maintain the worth of their own currencies at the same time. So keep in in mind all the facts and trends and focusing on the Cryptocurrency predictions, you should take the action.

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