FIFA World cup 2018 Predictions: Which is most Favourite team?

Are you anxious about FIFA World Cup 2018. Being the Football lover everyone is searching from right now FIFA World cup 2018 Predictions: Which is most Favourite team?

So let you update about our predictions as The FIFA World Cup field is set and the eight groups are finally known. The first match of the world cup will played between Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14 June, 2018. According to latest researches more than two billion fans tuned to watch the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. The major event will be played in Russia.

FIFA World cup 2018 Predictions

FIFA World cup 2018 Predictions: Which is most Favourite team?

Fifa world cup 2018 includes 32 teams who will battle out at the state kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia.

Many of the biggest game stars will contribute in as they want to lead their nations to top such as Italy, Chine and the Netherlands.

Here is your chance to predict how next summer’s tournament will finish. Select first and second place in each group, the winners of each knockout round and your triumphant finalist – and then share your result with your friends.

Fifa world cup 2018 predictions

Group A:

Russia will play against Asian contenders Saudi Arabia. Uruguay will consider the luckiest team as they would have groups along with Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Finishing second to Brazil in the confederation qualification, Uruguay have shown impressive performances and would look to storm into the next round. After 28 years Egypt finally managed to qualify as they overcame Uganda and Ghana. Egypt also the runner up and Uruguay can between Egypt and Russia.

Group B:

Group B comprises of Spain and Portugal along with Iran and Morroco. European contains a solid qualification campaign. Spain Ronaldo-inspired Portugal won 9 of their 10 fixtures. The most favourite teams from Group B are Spain and Portugal while it is assumed that Morroco and Iran will loss the competition.

Group C:

Group C consists of teams France, Australia, Peru and Denmark.  France has solid and excellent team players. France remain top of their FIFA World Cup qualification group, one point ahead of Sweden and four points ahead of the Netherlands.  Second most important team in this group is Australia. Australia is the number one in cricket.

Group D:

Group D comprises of Argentina, Iceland, Crotia and Nigeria. Argentina is the most Favourite team from this group. Argentina saved by the legend Lionel Messi as he scored a hat-trick in the final encounter of the qualifying stage against Ecuador in a must-win encounter. At the second number Iceland is also good teams.

Group E:

This group comprised of FIFA 2014 runner team Brazil and Three other teams. Other teams are switzerland, C.Rica and Serbia. Brazil is considered most favourite for this world cup. From this group Switzerland is another good team. While C.Rica and Serbia are less favourite, these teams will be out of tournament in the group matches.

Group F:

Germany is the top most favourite team for FIFA world cup 2018. It will ruthless to defend the title of World Cup. Germany has shown its supremacy winning  many fixtures previously. The other teams in this will be Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. This group has top most teams. There will be great matches in this group.

Group G:

Similar story like Group B, the European giants Belgium and England are kept in same pool. Both “Red Devils” (Belgium) and “The Three Lions” (England) would be more than satisfied with Tunisia and Panama drawn in their group. A surprise win for either Tunisia or Panama can definitely open the group and contentions which as of now looks pretty straight forward.

Group H:

This group may be comprised on the teams PolandColombiaJapan and Senegal. All teams have the capabilities and skills to make it out of the group. Poland is considered as the top most strong team in this group. The second rank may get Colombia. There are likely few chances of Japan to have good fight. Definitely Japan and Senegal have shown glimpses of magnificent football at the world scale, but would need to step up for the big occasion.  

Which is most Favourite team for FIFA World Cup 2018?

There are most favourite teams for world cup 2018 are Germany, Brazil, France and Portugal. Defending Football champions, Germany started hard working to extend their grip on the World Cup, as they can easily push Portugal out of the way and head to a second final against strong European rivals France.