How to Get any Phone Number Location and Owner Name

Sometimes we need to Get any Phone Number Location and Owner Name because of many reasons. But it is prohibited by law due to privacy and other issues. There is no any website available on internet which helps you to attain this type of information. They all are restricted by law not to show any type of information which rise privacy issues. But you know there are certain apps which helps you to get the personal information of others. The problem of receiving miss calls and unknown messages is increasing day by day. In such cases you need to know the information of that contact.

Get any Phone Number Location and Owner Name

Best ways to Get any Phone Number Location and Owner Name

By true caller:

If you are android user then you can easily Get any Phone Number Location and Owner Name. What you have to do?

  • Go to the website of true caller and sign in, tap to your country name and enter your number in search bar.
  • Now you have to sign up with your FB account, yahoo account, Google account to get any contact information.
  • After that you can get any number information.

Mobile number locator:

This app provides you the opportunity to find any number easily. It is one of the best because of it friendly user interface. It provides you the best features which you can use without the internet connection. You can get this app from the internet and use it.  With the help of it you can also locate the location of user and also get state and telecom locator of mobile number. You can also locate the number from Pakistan, India, Canada and USA.

Four square:

Four square is well know because of its thrilling features. By using it you can access to the location of any mysterious number. It also gives one of the best potential to you to see the most current activity of your contact. It can work fast and do not reveal your personal information. You can know or Get any Phone Number Location and Owner Name with the help of Four Square.


It is best alternative app which provides you the detail and true information of the contact. You can access to the name, location and the city name of the user. It can locate the international number and display the name of user to your screen.

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Mobile location locator:

This one is most popular because of it splendid features. With the help of it you can track any one easily. If you want to locate your friend or family member because of certain reason this one is best.  It provides you the access to complete history of anyone like where they go.

It does not contain any virus which harms your device and protect your privacy completely.  You just need to clear your data by tapping on history and everything will be in your control.

Prey :

Mostly prey is used to access to the location of your lost mobile. If you lost your mobile you just need to enter the number in prey. It will find the location of your mobile and display it. The best feature of this app it can work to all operating system like windows, Ios and more.