How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever on Android

Hi Guys, before going to Spotify Premium for Free search, I would to to elaborate Spotify..!! In this article we will show you what is spotify? How to get spotify premium for free on android and what are the latest features to play spotify on android gadget.

What is Spotify??

Firstly, spotify indicates the most widely and famous used music streaming app. Spotify Music app not only allow their users to listen music but also allows them to create their own playlist and improve their music skills. Basically spotify music app gives opportunity to music lovers to create their own music by their own wish. After creating their playlist, they can also share their music with their friends via any source. And the most amazing feature of Spotify is that it has the ability to sync music across your multiple devices.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Foreve

Packages Available of Spotify:

Actually two packages are available for Spotify music app, these are:

  • Premium
  • Free

But there is great difference between two packages.  Free package has many restrictions for their users while using this app and that irritates the users to use it and on the other hand, premium package provides many amazing and marvelous features to their users like Good sound system and infinite skips.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever on Android?

Let us discuss about how to get free spotify premium, you will have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Uninstall the previous spotify app:

This step shows that if a user has any spotify version  in your android so first he will have to remove it before getting free spotify premium.

Step 2: Download Modified/Hacked Premium app:

Modified and hacked Premium can’t be downloaded from official play store so you can download it from another store. But if u don’t know about the latest version of Spotify or music then you must know about all its features that it can skip the ads and provide unlimited and uninterrupted music. You can also add your favorite music in your offline directory of Spotify premium. But after downloading it. it is also possible that all features may not run in your Android. So, If you want to enjoy all its features then you are suggested to download the Paid official Spotify app.

Step 3: Installation of Spotify Premium app:

Spotify premium app can be downloaded by allowing unknown sources in your Android device. So, before installing this app, you will have to enable this option that is placed in your device.

For Enabling the unknown sources to your device, Follow these steps:

  • Go to “Setting” in your Android device and choose “Security” option from them. Tap on it.
  • There will be many sections available here like device security, encryption etc. But under Device Administration section, you can find the option named as “Unknown Sources”. Enable this option.
  • Then, it displayed a warning message, you will have to tap “Ok” to choose.

Now, You device has the ability to download spotify premium app. You can easily install spotify premium app in your Android device by following instructions of that app.

But one thing is most important after installing app in your device and that is:

  • Don’t forget to disable the “Unknown Sources” option in your device so that your device protected from malware or harmful viruses.

Step 4: Setting of your spotify account for spotify premium Features:

Don’t login to your app until you will set up your account and get free spotify premium features.

There is a update in spotify app and that is:

Spotify app can identify that you are using illegal spotify app or paid spotify app. So if they  detect  any usage of modified app, they can disable your app and send you a warning message.

Otherwise they can also suspend your account after getting access to your music streaming app.

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Latest Update:

With the latest and new version of Spotify Premium apk, you can also login to your existing account and you can also create a new one. If your existing account is not working then you obviously can create a new account. before updation of this app, this option was not approved.

Now i will tell you how can you get the Spotify premium app free in your device then follow these steps:

  • Install any VPN or Browsec VPN in your Android, and launch it in your browser.
  • Now select the Country name like US and UK etc to set the free location of your device.
  • Then start the VPN connection by taping on toggle button.
  • If your device is connected with your selected VPN then leave this app without closing it and launch Spotify Premium app in your device.
  • Now create your account in Spotify app by taping on “Sign Up” button. and enjoy this app.

Step 5: Enjoy Spotify Premium features for free:

You can enjoy this Spotify Premium for Free on your Android device without any VPN. so, all its features are server based and directly linked to your account.

Final Words

So by following these steps you can get spotify premium for free and enjoy the music streaming in your Android device. In this way, You can enjoy this amazing app with free Premium