How can you Protect your personal data on Facebook?

Great debate started on How can you Protect your personal data on Facebook? After question raised by Cambridge Anatetica that  misused Facebook’s five million users’ information, and how information is shared on the social network. .

Information is important for Facebook. Due to the information advertisement companies only come to the platform and through which they make money.

Protect your personal data on faceook

There is no doubt that Facebook is enticing users of making profiles, likes, dislikes, lifestyles and political trends.

But the big question is that what information does facebook share with users and what can users do to regain control over their information?

Alexander Nix, chief executive of Cambridge Antaletica told the House of Representatives that they used to survey the data.

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How can you Protect your personal data on Facebook?

This quiz we all have seen. Such Facebook Quiz, ‘This is your Digital Life’, information about this is Your Digital Life, Cambridge Anatetica, is used to get information about millions of people.

Protect your personal data on Facebook

Many quiz assures that your information is safe. This game on Facebook and Quiz have been designed to attract users and most of them are gathered together.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation for Privacy says that just as these quiz information collects, it shows that the terms of the Facebook service and API was at the same time.

Facebook has changed the terms and conditions so that the third party can reduce the collection of information, prevent users from getting information from particular friends.

It is not yet clear what information is available to Cambridge Antalya and Britain’s data protection authority is investigating the ICO.

Step by Step Guide to Protect your personal data on Facebook

  • Log in to facebook and go to the app settings page
  • Press the Edit button in apps, websites and plugins
  • Disable or close the platform
  • It means you will not be able to go to any other website linked on Facebook.

Visit the Facebook settings page. Click on each category you do not want to access the Facebook app. This includes your bio data, breadth, family, religious ideas, whether you are online or not to show it, your timeline posts and other activities etc.

Tips to Secure your Data

Lecturer Paul Bernal, Information Technology, Initiative Property and Media Launcher at the University of East Anglia School of Law, says that if you want to play any game on any product service page, or no quiz Do not press or visit these pages via Facebook but go directly to those pages.

They say it’s easy to visit sites from Facebook, but this gives you lots of data access to other apps from Facebook profiles.

And Protect your personal data on Facebook ?

Dr Bernal says it is believed that the only way to completely limit its data is to leave the Facebook. Delite Facebook will appear trash on Facebook’s DeleteFacebook Twitter. But Dr. Bernal admits that it may not be possible that many people leave Facebook from behind.

Can you know how much data is available to you?

In 2011, Mr. Schermers made numerous complaints against Facebook. According to recent laws protection laws, consumers can request firms to tell them how many information they have with these firms.

When in 2011, the Austrian-based Scermas had given such an application, they were given a CD containing 1200 files. They found that the social media network also saved the IP addresses of all the machines that they used to access Facebook, the history of all messages, where the user was present and the place they were All content they deliberate like messages, status updates and posts on the wall etc.

But in such a world where Facebook is sharing a wide variety of information with third parties, such applications are difficult.

Dr. Burner says when you do not know who to ask, then how will you ask about your data?

Now this summer has changed since general data protection regulation has been introduced in Europe. Its aim is to make their data easier for consumers.

The firms that do not provide this information will have to face the payment of large penalties.

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How long can you keep your content on social media?

Data protection laws in Europe are suggested that any material should be kept until it is needed, but its interpretation may be modest.

It is in Facebook that unless a user delays one of his posts, it remains online for unlimited time.

Can you delete your already existing data?

Users can delete their accounts, which exhaust all their previous posts, but instead of closing their accounts to Facebook, this option allows them to activate their accounts – that may take breaks for a while. And whenever a user can be active on Facebook, he or she can.