How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

Apple’s bypass iCloud Activation Lock is very useful when any user of iOS lost his/her device or used by thieves in a wrong way. It provides proper security for iOS handlers so that their data may be saved or not lost by anyone. If Someone lost his/her iOS device, the device owner can activate the option “Find My Phone” and in this way, it locks that iPhone with the handler’s Apple ID account. In this way, Phone will be locked until Original Apple ID is not entered.  And to unlock this device, you will have to purchase the ID and all it’s free ID’s are the scam.

To stick out this problem, you will have to remove this issue permanently because, without bypass iCloud activation, you can’t use all phones’ features and can’t download anything from play store.

Methods used to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

If you are frustrated or have second thoughts by an iCloud locked device, bypass iCloud Activation method is best for it to prevent your nervousness. If someone has lost his iPhone and you want to return it back, this activation lock will also help you to find and contact the iPhone Owner. So different methods are used to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Method 1

  • Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone/iPad using DNS

DNS stands for ‘Domain Name System’. It is the best method to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. By using the following steps, you can bypass iCloud Activation Lock. These steps are given below:

Step – 1

First, you will see an activation window, tap on the home button and choose Wi-Fi settings, then press on the ‘i’ symbol beside the Wi-Fi Network.

Step – 2

After pressing it, you will see an existing DNS server. You will have to remove that existing server and enter a new one according to your location.

  • Users of USA/ North America use the DNS
  • European users use the DNS
  • Asian can use the DNS
  • Users of other Areas use the DNS

Step – 3

After entering your DNS according to your location, Press on ‘Back’ Button and tap on “Activation Help”.

When you will complete these steps, a message will appear like “You have successfully connected to my server”. This message will show that your device is now activated and you can use all the features of your iPhone/iPad.

Step – 4

Press on the “Menu” button. In this menu, you will see many applications to use like Games, YouTube, Users Audio chat, Users video chat etc. Select any of these apps and get the information about the previous holder.

However, it is a temporary method to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Method 2

  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad Permanently

If you want to use your device without any frustration of lock permanently, you will have to follow these steps that are so easy and efficient. These are:

Step – 1

As you will see an activation window, press on “Menu” button and then click on “Applications”. In Applications, you will see a button named “Crash”. Tap on it. It will reboot your device.

Step – 2

When your iOS device will be rebooted or restarted, Select “Language and Country”. Then Click on the Home button and press “More Wi-Fi Settings”.

Step – 3

Press on the “i” Symbol that will beyond the Wi-Fi symbol. In this page, you will see the menu under “HTTP Proxy” section.

Step – 4

Clear the address bar and tap on “Globe” Icon.

Step – 5

In the “Port Field”, type 15-30 random characters and enter “b”.

Step – 6

Now tap on “Back” button and select “Next”. You will be displayed many unlock screens and languages options on your iOS device. Just keep sliding the unlock your screen and choose the languages options until the home screen emerges.

Method 3

  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Online

There are many free services available to help you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock Online by following some steps. These are:

Step – 1

Go to the “Official iPhoneUnlock” website.

Step – 2

In this website, you will see a menu bar. Select “iCloud Unlock”.

Step – 3

Enter your iPhone Model and IMEI number to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Step – 4

After applying the above-mentioned steps, this process will take 3 days to unlock your iCloud account after you make payment.

Final words

There are also many other methods or tools that are used to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. But these methods are easy to apply. Now you can access any feature and function of your iOS device by applying one of these methods. You can apply one of them and bypass your iCloud Activation Lock easily.