How to copy Text from secured PDF file

Guys, if you are feeling any difficulty or you have any query How to copy Text from secured PDF file following are the solutions:

Yesterday I was searching a Scientific journal, downloaded very important PDF document from google but whenever I tried to copy selected text but copy option was invisible. It was my great concern that How to copy selected Text from protected PDF file.

how to copy text from secured pdf file
PDF copy option is invisible

There are few option to copy protected PDF file to another document

  • PDF to word conversion

Usually you can easily convert PDF to word document but when you have protected PDF document and you want to convert it in MS word, it gives error. In case you get conversion but output has changed format like images and text settings completely changes.

  • PDF to Text

Password protected or copy invisible PDF can not easily converted into Text. Whenever you try to convert such document into text, the result document has format as well pixel quality issues. The only way is to unlock PDF first then go ahead.

How to copy Text from secured PDF file

Whenever I covert PDF to word document at different online website the format of document gets changes and even you feel difficulty in getting printout.

Luckily, I got a solution. Now I am going to tell you how to copy text from a secured PDF with new technique. You can copy text from secure PDF just follow the below steps.

Step by Step How to copy Text from secured PDF file

  • Open the PDF document that is secure or copy option is protected.
  • Search the free online web source who provide you PDF to PDF option
  • Upload your PDF document there
  • Press convert button and select option as PDF to PDF.
  • It will take few moments to make conversion.
  • Download the PDF converted file.
  • Now, You will see you can easily copy the text from secured PDF document.

Alternate Method: Using the PDFUnlock Site

  • Open the internet browser and type to visit PDF unlock website.
  • This site will remove the owner lock from PDF files that are 5 MB (or less) in size for free.

How to unlock PDF

  • Upload your protected PDF document. You may drag your files and put in PDF unlock window. OR You can select the My Computer option to open the PDF from your system.
  • Click on Unlock PDFUnlock will do so and then automatically download the unlocked PDF to your computer.
  • Now you can open unlocked PDF. Now, you will able to edit PDF information.
  • Even you have option to reduce PDF size on any Operating system.

Final Words: How to copy Text from secured PDF file

If any PDF is protected from Copy i.e Not Allowed, then even you can take print out of this file. Simply, you don’t need to install any tool for this. Make sure if your pdf file is open and you can read the content, but you can not copy text from pdf then select any best option from below.

  • First you need to convert from PDF to PDF, then it will be copy-able. In this file you can get copy images also.
  • Secondly unlock the PDF file, make sure there won’t be any restrictions on copying.
  • Still you get any issue, then You should convert PDF to word document and copy the selected text from that file.