How to Fix: Google Home or Chromecast crashing Wi-Fi

Since few days thousands of users at different popular forums are searching for solution issue How to Fix Google Home or Chromecast crashing Wi-Fi. We are here to just provide to most easy solution to overcome this problem.

How to Fix: Google Home or Chromecast crashing Wi-Fi

Google Home or Chromecast crashing Wi-Fi

It is great headache if your Wifi responds late or you face browsing issue, you will be finding that where is the problem.

People blame that Google home or Chromecast devices may interrupting your TP Link router to work properly.  This bug may affect other devices, including other Google Home speakers and Chromecast dongles, as well as additional TP-Link router models.

Many people showed their grievances and angry feelings on Google home and chromecast’s affect on wifi. According to comments by AJ Brockson:

“That’s funny, I actually just got rid of this router because its constant restarts were driving me crazy. I don’t have a Max but I do have a Chromecast (1st gen). I wonder if it’s a Chromecast specific issue with this router and it’s just a lot worse with the Max”

TP-Link explains that the issue is caused by the Cast feature, which allows your phone, Google Home speakers and Chromecast devices to communicate.

Google has shared that their team is working continuously to Fix this problem. Google home or Chormecast use cast technology to performs their respective function. Cast feature is basically used to broadcast the packet.

How to Fix: Google Home or Chromecast crashing Wi-Fi

Although there’s no official solution announced yet. But here are few guidelines to resolve the issue. If you Archer C9 and you get network unstable issue, or constantly resetting your router. Click here for solution at TP Link forum.

Why that Problem happen?

The recent bug in the Google device is the reason of the generation multiple packets in less time to perform their function but the wireless devices such as router can’t support this too much large numbers of packet. That is why the performance of the wireless router degraded and hence every smart devices faces the problem.

  1. Most convenient solution is that the routing protocol should be developed in such a way that it can handle large the number of packet or router may block that device which generate large number of packet.
  2. In the meantime, if you find that your router is crashing, unplug your Google device, and make sure your router’s firmware is up to date.
  3. The recent solution is to reboot your router when the problem occurs, or disconnect your Cast device when it is not being used, do not leave the device on sleep mode.

It is also important that you update your router’s firmware and make it secure against any threat. Hope that above solution will help you to fix Google Home or Chromecast crashing Wi-Fi problem. As soon as we get any official solution from google we will update it.

If you have any other solution or idea regarding this bug, please share it with us through comments.