How to Fix- WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

It is not less than a big trouble when your wifi connected but no internet access, in other words you can say that your device is connected but you still unable to access to internet. It can be happened because of number of reasons. In this article you will find the reasons and solution to wifi connected but no internet access.

WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

How to Fix- WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

You have to take following steps:

What to do?

You have to check two places:

  1. Check your Router.
  2. Check your device.
  3. Check Browser’s Setting

First of all check your router you have to check all the devices at your home connected with your router. If the internet is not connected on all of them then there is an issue in your router. You can check your cable to see if it is damage.

Secondly if the internet cannot get access to your device than obviously the issue is in your device. The problem may be with the device Wi-Fi adapter or the router having problem to access to your device.

Thirdly check that  Proxy setting of browser. Some times we do change the LAN setting as “Use this proxy server for internet connection” instead of selecting “Bypass proxy server for local addresses”. You may navigate LAN setting by:

  • Open browser, Click on setting. Type “Proxy setting” to search which proxy setting you are using.

Browser Setting for internet connection

So the question is what to do next to fix the problem. So now follow the following steps:

  1. Restart your device:

You should turn off your router and switch on it after 30 seconds. The issue may get solve and you can access to the internet. Similarly you should also turn off your devices and reset them again. Now they may able to access to internet connection.

  1. Check the lights of Router:

The problem might be in your internet connection instead of devices. To check it you should check the lights of your router. If the lights are not on and blink routinely than the problem is you’re your internet connection. You can do complain about it to your internet supplier.

  1. You can use built in troubleshooter:

If the internet cannot gets access to your devices only than the problem may be with the Wi-Fi adapter of your device. This problem can be solved by using built in troubleshooter. You can right click on the network icon in the taskbar and then click on troubleshoot problems.

The device will fix the problem and make you able to access to the internet.

If the trouble shoot cannot fix the problem then it will at least provide you the reason of the problem. Now you can search for the solution to fix it.

  1. DNS or IP address conflict

If you cannot get access to the internet than the problem may be because of DNS or IP address conflicts. For this you should set your device to automatically obtain IP address and DNS provide by your ISP to avoid conflicts.

To obtain the address automatically, press windows +R key and write “ncpa.cpl” on the dialogue box. After type it clicks on the OK. Now it will display all the internet connection. Here you can select properties from the menu. In the next step select “obtain an IP and DNS address automatically. It will connect automatically.

  1. Network drivers:

The issue may be with your network drivers that make you unable to access to the internet. To get rid of it, press Windows +R key and type “devmgmt.msc” to open the device manager. Now click on your network. It will give you two options to update your drivers. You can update annually and automatically. Select automatically update option and the window will automatically update the right driver for you.

Final Words ( WiFi Connected But No Internet Access)

So, there is no single of internet access problem. By adapting the above methods you can easily Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access problem and access internet easily. However, if there is a hardware problem, you may contact with any good IT technician.

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