How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr- FAST!

If you have created an account on fiverr and searching for buyer, don’t get any order and you are looking for “How to get your first order on fiverr”

It is big problem for the all beginners to get first order. Everyone has craze and enthusiasm to get their first order quickly on We are sharing few tips that how to get first order on fiverr very Fast.

How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr- FAST

How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr

Fiverr is the top most marketplaces where you can sell your services or expertise online. First of all, before creating a GIG you should study the rules and regulations of Fiverr. You have good knowledge of Fiverr policies and restriction, payment method, customer dealing protocols and offers that fiverr provide.

How I got my first order?

I was searching for order on the fiverr since one week. My friend advised me create a custom request and offer the buyer with minimum price. So what I did..?

A buyer posted a request that He wants to write 5 unique and High quality content within 02 days. He was paying $20 for that order. That was an opportunity for me get First Order, I offered him that I have a good experience of writing research articles on technology niche , but I am new at Fiverr. So kindly provide me opportunity to do this task in $10. He agreed , then I tried so hard and done that job successfully according to buyer’s expectation. He gave me 5 star rating and Good comments for great work. After that I am able to get orders on daily basis.

First 5 star Review is the first step to your success.

Tips and Tricks How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr

    • First of all when you create your Gig for the first time, in the title section write down all the title and tag that you can. This is called the primary title. Remember in the title section you can incorporate 80 words maximum.
    • After that review the next steps. Then in the tag option write the tag which you didn’t mention in the title. It will help you to show all the different title and tag in both section.
    • However, after completing the other steps and save the gig go back to the first step where you have written lots of title. Now change the title to a single key words like.. “I will rank your website in First page” and save it. Now when your client search in the fiverr with any key words that is similar to your title or tag then they will find you top. Because initially you create a url with lots of title words which is unchanged.
    • Then another most important aspects is buyer request. Seller normally choose their best gig to send buyer request. So in this create a new Gig according to seller’s requirement. Then it clearly message to your buyer that you are interested to help him in his need.
  • You should remain Active of Fiverr forum regularly. Try to answer the question and share your suggestion. Fiverr will come to know you are social and helpful to others.
  • Give your innovative ideas & inputs to improve Fiverr website. Believe me, if your idea is effective they will feature your gig in the top of search list in fiverr and even outside of fiverr as well.
  • When you get the first order make sure that you can give your buyer what they exactly want. Make your price low and give your buyer some extra bonus.. Like source file, fast delivery or print ready file. They will be happy and believe me you don’t need to wait for the next order.
  • You can make video in your voice and send the seller in which way you will complete the task.
  • Make an attractive portfolio with your best design and place it to the gig description.
  • Submit your Fiverr profile on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter ask the clients to give you order on fiverr. Your communication skills and techniques definitely motivate the sellers.
  • Try to work in group, if you are a boy then try to accompany with girl partner. Mostly buyers prefers females rather than male seller.
  • If still you get fails to solve “How to get your first order on fiverr”, then share you Gig with your friends or fellows to place you first order.  You have to work hard and provide better quality to complete this order. Ask them to comment you with 5 star reviews. In this your Gig will appear top in the fiverr.