How to Hide Apps on Android- Like Tinder

Hide Apps on Android: Sometimes you don’t want to show your personal phone to others because you intend to hide some of the apps on your android. But you know android user have no provided this facility and they face difficulty. As nothing is impossible, you can also avail this facility and hide what app you want to hide.

If you are already using tinder app but want to get the solution without the involvement of others then this article is for you. Just read it and know How to Hide Apps on Android

How to hide Apps on Android

There are number of apps available to you for this purpose but I suggest you to not to waste time on them and only download C launcher. It will give you proper solution and do not consume your efforts and time like the other apps do.

There are 3 main features: Hide new apps, Hide local apps, Clone apps

Hide apps – Hide apps you’ve installed on your device, like Tinder, etc, hide apps by installing it from Google play without records, hide apps from your launcher, recent Apps list, App management in system settings, the notification of hidden apps can be chosen not to display in the notification bar or mocked as other notification content.

Note: After completely hide apps, the hidden app will be uninstalled from system and next time you will access it from PrivateMe, the data of previous one maybe you could find some way to backup.

If you want to manage the notification of hide apps, then go to PrivateMe >Home > Notifications > select block/allow/mock. And you can go to the Mock Notification Setting to customize your mock content.

 How to Hide Apps on Android

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher, a biggest name and do not any introduction because of it fame and progress. It is one of the most well working and adjustable launchers. However, it needs now and again, that doesn’t have its subject store, yet the engineers of the launcher thinks about this issue, the motivation behind why this launcher doesn’t have any topic store since you can make your own particular subjects.

How to hide apps on android with Nova Launcher

You can hide apps on android with Nova launcher. Install latest free version of Nova Launcher. Go to the app drawer and find the app you want to hide(like Tinder).

At this stage you will get 3 options – App Info, Uninstall, Edit. Tap on the Edit option and a dialogue should pop up where you can rename the app, change the icon.

hide tinder nova launcher

Note: You should remember the name of app which you replaced.

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2. PrivacyHider

There are a couple of good applications accessible on the Play Store that will enable you to shroud any application like Tinder on your Android telephone in a matter of snaps. With the end goal of this guide, I am utilizing PrivacyHider. You will perceive any reason why in almost no time.

PrivacyHider offers such a large number of approaches to ensure yourself that you would be flabbergasted by its abilities. You can make a clone of any application, similar to Tinder, and delete the original app from your launcher. Presently, Tinder lives and inhales inside PrivacyHider. However, imagine a scenario in which somebody sees PrivaycHider. Venturing out in front of applications like Parallel Space, you can conceal PrivacyHider itself in the shape (symbol) of a mini-computer.

In this way, all you see is a number cruncher in your launcher that anybody can utilize. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you enter a particular number (password) in the adding machine and press “=”, you will in a flash gain admittance to the genuine application.

How to hide apps on android with PrivacyHider

Download and install PrivacyHider. Open PrivacyHider and click the + icon on the top right.

privacyhider hide tinder

Select the app you want to clone just take example of Tinder.

PrivacyHider will work its enchantment and when it is done, you will see a notification saying “The application has been made effectively”. You would now be able to either open the application or tap on done to backpedal to cloning more applications like WhatsApp or Messenger with the goal that you can login utilizing numerous records

Now, you will go back to your Android launcher, find Tinder app and uninstall it. You can also uninstall from the Settings menu. Tinder now resides inside PrivacyHider.

How to hide PrivacyHider?

This is most interesting one. Just swipe left of screen and you will see Protection for PrivacyHider. Click on it.

hide privacyhider

Here, you see three options. Lock PrivacyHider, Dialer and Calculator. You can select any option from calculator or Dialer, while Lock privacyHider will lock the apps using fingerprints or pattern match.

To launch the Privacy Hider, Enter your password here. Press “=” sign after entering the password. This works like the Enter key on your keyboard.

In the next step, You have to enter the password for confirm(same password) . In the last step, you will be asked to enter your recovery email id. Enter your recovery email and click Done.

Now, PrivacyHider itself is hidden. Tinder is installed inside PrivacyHider so no one can search for it either.

Ending Notes: How to Hide Apps on Android

Now you are aware of the features of different apps and download which fulfills all your requirement. Nova launcher is best because of it amazing features and proper working. It provides you user friendly interface and it do not require you to pay money. Select a theme of your choice on Nova and have fun!

There are different applications accessible in the Play Store yet the vast majority of them are silly with little idea on ease of use and highlights.

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