How to Install and Use Whatsapp on PC and Laptop

Many people feel uncomfortable to use whatsapp in smartphone because they feel difficulty to upload official document and get printout, they prefer easy to install and use Whatsapp on PC. Recently Whatsapp is the utmost need of almost all internet users, smartphone users and social marketing agents around the world with nearly 50 Millions from worldwide.

Whatsapp on PC and Laptop

Whatsapp is the messaging app with user friendly interface, awesome features and easy to customize privacy setting. People prefer whatsapp as the best alternative of SMS, video calls, Skype and IMO because of instant delivery of SMS and image sharing/video sharing options. Whatsapp has drastically reduced the frequent usage of regular SMS at cellular phones among people. You can even delete sent message to your friend within a limited time.

As technology getting upgrades day by day so almost every Operating System has Whatsapp application in its store like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian. Good News is that we can use Whatsapp Messenger application now even in our PC or Laptop. It will be very useful when we have issues with our smartphone.

With regular updates, it’s getting better and better, read the New Hide Last Seen update here. So in this article, we are going see How to install and use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop with step by step instructions.

If you want to add more than one WhatsApp accounts even without computer you can easily do it. In this article we try to provide better solutions for How to install and use whatsapp in PC or laptop.

How to Use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop

If you have already whatsapp installed on your smarphone and you want to connect it to the PC or Laptop. You will be searching for power cable or lead to connect with your PC. So be relax, here is no need to install whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you can directly access your whatsapp account with QR code verification at whatsapp web.

There are few steps to use WhatsApp on PC or Laptop. We’re assuming you already have the mobile app, but if not, go ahead and download it.

How to use Whatsapp on your computer

For using whatsapp on PC we have to two ways to access it.

1- Through Desktop (No any Browser required) 

  • WhatsApp can be used right from your desktop without a browser.
  • Download the whatsapp from Click whatsapp-exe file to install in computer. When the install is complete, launch WhatsApp on your computer and scan the QR code to log in.

2- Through Web Browser using whatsappweb.

  • First of all open web browser and Type in the address bar and hit the Enter button to proceed.

As soon as you browse whatsapp you will get message:

  • Open the WhatsApp app from your phone.
  • Tap Menu (You will see here three dots in vertical order ) or Settings > WhatsApp Web.

Whatsapp web on Mobile

  • Now you will see the message Scan QR Code.
  • Hold your phone up to the computer screen to scan the QR code. It will do everything automatically; you just have to point the camera in that direction.

whatsapp on PC with scan QR code

  • As soon as you gets connected with WhatsApp on PC, You will observe whats-app setting will open immediately in your PC, and show you any messages you already have on your phone.
  • Now, You can close down the WhatsApp app on your phone and use it from your Laptop or PC.

Important Points for Whatsapp users

  1. Before trying to connect whatsapp on computer, Make ensure that your phone must be connected to wifi or Mobile data should be turn ON.
  2. If your phone’s internet connection is slow then will feel difficulty and whatsapp web can not connect to your phone.
  3. If you connect whatsapp on desktop or Laptop of your friend then logout from whatsapp account on PC when you are leaving it otherwise your privacy/data will not be secured .

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How to Install Whatsapp on PC or Laptop- Whatsapp desktop

  • First of all download latest version of Whatsapp from website for Windows 7/8 or 10.
  • Click on application setup to install whatsapp on your computer or laptop or Mac.
  • After few moments Whatsapp will be installed on your system. You can access your whatsapp account through phone by using QR Scan Code.

Install Whatsapp on PC or Laptop and Access without connecting with Mobile

Step 1:Download Thin BlueStacks App Player

To use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop, you need to install an android Emulator called as BlueStacks App Player. There are Two Versions of BlueStacks App players, Normal BlueStacks App player and Thin BlueStacks App player. There are many people facing issues while installing BlueStacks App player; So , I would like to suggest you to Download and Install Thin BlueStacks App player.

Click Here To Download ThinBlueStacks

Step 2: Install Thin BlueStacks App Player

Before installing the Blue-stacks app, check out the space of drive and make assure that Installation Drive has more than 2 GB free Space otherwise, you will be getting an error.  If you get any Graphics or drivers related warning message ignore it and select OK.

After installation, you will be getting screen like below, and now Select ‘ Messaging ‘ Icon and select Whatsapp.

Step 3: Download Whatsapp on PC

Click Whatsapp Icon to start downloading Whatsapp in PC

Step 4: Install Whatsapp on PC

After downloading you will see INSTALLED status below Whatsapp and now Click Whatsapp icon to open the Whatsapp Messenger app. You may setup whatsapp according to your requirement. Click her for details.

You may think Whatsapp in PC is not a very good idea but it will be very useful when you face any sudden issues with your smartphone.Do let us know your feedback via the comment section.Thank you.