How to Save Animated GIFs to Computer

Save Animated GIFs to Computer – Animated Gifs are well known because they are source of quick representation of dynamic content especially in web pages. It was developed thirty years prior by a group at the announcement board specialist organization CompuServe drove by American PC researcher Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987.

How to Save Animated GIFs to Computer

GIF is an acronym of Graphic Information System. Gifs can be created by gathering number of different images or short clip of large video file. People make funny gifs so they are also a source of fun. But sometimes you want to save the gif in your computer but unable to do it because some browser do not support it. To solve this problem I will tell you some steps. Just read the article and follow them.

How to Save Animated GIFs to Computer

In some browsers you can simply click on the GIF in order to save it but not in all browsers you can use the below step by step method to save animated GIFs to computer or Laptop:

  • Click on GIF file you want to save.
  • Right click on file option. A menu will be display on screen.
  • Now you have to click on “Save image as”. A new window will open.
  • Search for the option of “save as type” in the menu. Click on the GIF image in the menu.
  • Now click on “save” button. The GIF will be saved in your computer.

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How to open Animated GIFs to Computer?

  • You need to open a program which is compatible with gif. You can open a browser simply if you don’t want to edit it.
  • Click on the file option in web browser. A menu will be display on screen.
  • Now tap to “open” or “open file” icon.
  • Search for the location of gif in the computer or browse the location where the GIF is saved.
  • Now tap to open. It will be open in program or in the browser.

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How to Create Animated GIFs in Computer

An animated gif is a collection of various static images. In order to make a gif you need a collection of images created in 8-bit, 256 colors and make them into an animation.

There are certain tools which you can use to make the gif online. Giphy is one of the best options to create the animated gif online. Photoshop is another best option. To make a gif in photoshop you need to follow the given steps:

  • In the first step you need to upload your images to Photoshop.
  • Now tap to the timeline window.
  • Here you find the option “Create Frame Animation.” Click on it.
  • Choose the  new layer for every new frame.
  • Now tap to same menu icon on the right, and click to “Make Frames From Layers.”
  • Now you can select the timing under each frame, select the time it should display for before going to the next one.
  • At the bottom of the toolbar, select how many times you’d like it to loop.
  • You have to look on gif in order to make any change in it.
  • Now you can Save and Export Your GIF.

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Use of Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are use in many websites and blogs. One of the most famous blogging platform is wordpress. It is a good option if you want to start animation.

  • You need to select “add media” in the post.
  • Choose the media size from the window.
  • Now insert it in the post.
  • Choose the preview option to check the animation in wordpress.

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How to Use Animated GIFs on Facebook?

An enlivened GIF contains a few pictures that are utilized as edges to make the liveliness. This liveliness circles persistently to give the impact.

Facebook is loaded with pictures and GIFs have a noteworthy influence in that number. Some are interesting, some are cunning and some are simply imbecilic.

Facebook enables you to highlight them, it doesn’t enable you to transfer them like an ordinary picture. Rather you need to have it somewhere else and connection to it on the page.

So now you easily download and make the gifs of your choice. You can also upload them on different websites. If you have any problem regarding the article you may ask in the comments section.