How to use Snapchat on android and iOS

Snapchat on Android and iOS

SnapChat is become the most popular app day by day. There are number of peoples who are using it and get benefit of its splendid features. By using this app you can share pictures, videos, messages with your known easily. Your share data can be removes automatically after it seen by peoples. So you can share your pictures without any privacy issue. The big advantage of snapchat is if someone takes screen shot of your data, it will notify you. Now more than 2 million people are using it in the world.


If you didn’t know how to use the snapchat then just read the article to know how to use it.  Just read the following steps to use snapchat on android or iOS:

Latest News and Updates

  • Spectacles 2.0 coming this year? Really? Even after Snap Inc. wrote off $40 million in costs “related to Spectacles inventory.” That’s what Cheddar reports, with a 2018 model that “will focus on performance improvements,” as well as a 2019 model which will feature a new design and two cameras.
  • User uproar about the Snapchat redesign has seemingly led to an upcoming tab-based navigation for the Friends and Discover screens. This is a part of a forthcoming update that will allow for users to sort and customize the app to their liking.
  • Some fans are deleting the app to get the old version back

Finding what is new in Latest Snapchat

Snapchat’s overhaul was reported on Nov. 29, 2017, made it to most clients toward the beginning of February 2018 and has apparently vexed a large number of the application’s clients. The enormous contrast is that the screen on the left half of the home screen is something other than your immediate messages with companions, yet it likewise contains open stories posted by companions.

You now know whether a companion has new stories in the event that you see a blue hover around the symbol to one side of their name. Companions are recorded here arranged by how regularly you message them (so garrulous people don’t cheat their way to the best).

Snapchat Latest version

One of the greatest issue about the new interface is confusing to the point that it prompt clients losing their appreciated streaks, as Snapchat places trophy-esque symbols alongside your companions who you message regularly. Along these lines, you’ll need to ensure you look over the distance down to ensure you haven’t missed any new snaps.

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Since your companions’ stories have moved to one side screen, the correct screen is currently more centered around content from brands and famous people. Celebs including Chrissy Teigen have considered the amount of a backfire it will take to get Snapchat to switch course, while the tech-centered YouTuber MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) lamented how the refreshed application will draw eyes from proficient substance makers.

To locate your own substance on the Profile page tap on the symbol in the upper left corner of the home screen, ordinarily a Bitmoji. Here, you’ll locate your own particular story posts, and the capacity to include companions.

How to download Snapchat on android and iOS

You can download it for free from the play store whether you are android or iOS user. Tap to play store, enter snapchat and then download it.

Enter your details:

After downloading you need to sign up. Here you have to enter details about you like email, password and age. Your age should be more than thirteen to get the snapchat. After that you have to choose user name of yours. Your contacts will search you by your user name. (Keep in mind selects a good name after searching because you won’t be able to change it again).

How to add the contacts

After choosing user name enter your mobile number and find your contacts on snapchat. It will display you the list of your contacts on snapchat. You can add them by clicking on +button. If you are unable to search any contact enter the user name on search bar and find them by their user name. Your contacts will add you back and the connection between both of you will establish.

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How to make Pictures and Videos:

You can capture pictures and make videos on snapchat. For this tap to general display of snapchat and click on button in the condition if you want to take pictures. And hold it for sometime if you want to make video.

How to edit the pictures:

After making pictures you can add things in it by using snapchat. You can edit your pictures by adding caption, drawing something on pictures, and much more.

How to Upload the pictures:

Now you can upload your pictures or videos and share them with your choice. Here you can choose the duration by your choice. If you do not then it will remove after 10 sec as your friends view it.

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How to send pictures:

By using it you can send your data to your friends easily. For this tap to the list of contacts, choose friends and send them.

How to view pictures:

There is a square icon in the app where receiving data will be show. To view it you need to tap on it. You will able to view the picture according to the given time. After it you won’t be able to see it again.

How to Communicate with Friends:

You can chat to the person who is online because text messages won’t be there for longer time likes everything. They will remove after seen so to take them you need to capture screen shot.

How to send video message:

You can also send video messages to your contacts. To do this press and hold the button to make a message.

How to block contact:

You can block any of you. For this tap to contacts, select the contact and tap to block option.

After reading this article you can download and use the features of snapchat easily. Share your valuable comments with us!