iMessage on PC : How to Get iMessage for Windows PC

iMessage For Windows PC is a system of Apple and iPhone mobiles. iMessage is the product of Apple. It is an amazing free messaging service in which there is no use of limits of data that are fixed by Telco for general messages. iMessage service is not provided in any other mobile except Apple phones and devices. This system is handled by using the user’s Apple ID.

Get iMessage for Windows PC

The person who has not login with your Apple ID in Apple device, can’t use this service. Most of the people want to enjoy this service and all its features on Windows or on PC. So to get rid out of this problem, you will have to follow some methods through which you can enjoy iMessage service in your Windows.

How to Download iMessage for PC?

There are three ways to download and install iMessage windows 10; we will go to each method step by step:

Methods to get iMessage For Windows 10

Different techniques and methods are used to get iMessage for windows. Some of them are discussed below:

Method 1

Download iMessage using Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to download iMessage app in your Windows 10, you will have to install chrome Remote desktop app in your Windows/PC. This is a method in which iMessage will be downloaded without jailbreak. There are some steps you will have to follow. These are:

Step – 1

Download chrome in your Windows and install an app named “Chrome Remote Desktop”.

Step – 2

After installation of “Chrome Remote Desktop” in your Windows, launch this app in your PC.

Step – 3

After launching this app on your PC, install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host on your Mac by clicking on the link you have provided in this app.

Step- 4

Then follow the instructions that are compulsory to run this app on your Windows 10.

“Chrome Remote Desktop” app provides the feature to access another PC using chrome browser. In this way, you can access your files easily and securely.

Step – 5

Just enter the code to create a connection between computers.  The Code is 3119 6964 3334.

By following these steps, you can download and install iMessage App on your Windows 10. But there is a problem found in this app and that is only that users can download iMessage app on their Windows who have both Mac and PC. But those users who have not Mac for their PC they can’t download it. So next method will be accurate for them.

Method 2

Download iMessage on Windows 10 with iPadian

This is the best method to use iMessage app for those users who didn’t have Mac for their PC. By downloading the iPadian app in your PC, you can enjoy iMessage app in your Windows 10. But you need to follow some steps which are given below:

Step – 1

First, install the iPadian app in your Windows by searching on Google like this:

Download and install its free emulator for your Windows 10.

Step – 2

After installation of the iPadian app in your Windows, just launch it on your PC.

Step – 3

Now you will see your PC like an iPhone graphics. Just search iMessage app on the search box that will be shown in the emulator.

Step – 4

Now Easily download iMessage app for your Windows 10 and enjoy its free service.

But this app can only be used on your PC if you have an internet connection. Without Internet Connection, this app can’t be run on your PC.

Method 3

Download iMessage App using CYDIA app

You can also install iMessage app in your Windows by installing CYDIA app in your PC. CYDIA app is the way through which you can enjoy iMessage app on windows and chat with your friends free without facing any trouble. Just Follow these steps:

Step – 1

First Download CYDIA app on your PC.

Step – 2

Open this app and search for remote messages. Then install this CYDIA app and wait until the installation process is not completed.

Step – 3

Go to Settings and tap on Remote Messages. A screen will be displayed to enable the authorization access. Just enable it.

Step – 4

Then signup your account by entering username and password. But make sure your iOS device and PC are using the same Wi-Fi Network.

Step – 5

Just open a browser in your PC and enter your IP address under enable tab and enter colon. Press the Enter button and a screen with username and password will be displayed.

Step – 6

Fill in your details and now the setup is finished.

So you are all set to get iMessage app for your Windows 10.

Final Words

Many other methods are also used but all these methods mentioned above are easy to use and you can enjoy and get iMessage app and all its features on your PC.