What to do when your laptop’s touchpad stops working

Laptop’s touchpad stops working: When your laptop’s touchpad stops working, you gets worried and feel confused because your work suddenly gets stop due to some misfortune. The first question arise in your mind will be how to fix it? You may be attempting to get solution by connecting other mouse or keyboard but still facing same situation..!!!

If you got this suddenly while working great with current laptop, you will be searching why that happened so?? Definitely there will be any unexpected reason behind dt cause laptop’s touchpad stops working.

What to do when your laptop's touchpad stops working

How to Fix your laptop’s touchpad stops working

So here we try basic solution, first of all check if you accidentally disabled the touchpad because every laptop has built in hot key that enable/disable the laptop touchpad. Check a white dot  present on the right corner of your laptop touchpad, whether it is not pressed. press it again, it will fix your problem if touchpad got hanged.

Try Shortcut function keys

  • Try using function keys Fn+F6, Fn+F9, Fn+F12, Fn+F5, still you get problem
  • Go to start menu, Click on setting
  • Navigate to Devices

How to Fix your laptop's touchpad stops working

  • Select Mouse and Keyboard
  • It will bring you to the Touchpad settings page, where you can confirm the touchpad is enabled and check other options.

Check the touchpad settings

You can go to Windows Device Manager.

  • Right click on the device manager,
  • Here you will have list on all peripherals attached to the laptop, scroll down the list and find “mice and other pointing devices”.

laptop's touchpad stops working

  • Click on the Synaptics PS/2 Touchpad
  • You will see here on general tab.. “This device is working properly”.
  • If you don’t get this message, you may update it or Update Driver setting.
  • In this it will download drivers and install it on your laptop
  • Now, you will get message of “Restart your computer to enable laptop hardware changes”.
  • After getting restart, laptop touchpad will work perfectly.

Enable touchpad from BIOS configuration:

Start your Laptop, immediately press DEL, F2 or F10 to enter the BIOS Setup. Use your keyboard arrow keys and Enter key to navigate inside the BIOS utility.

Navigate through the below options:

System Properties > Keyboard/Mouse Features > Device Options

From there find the Internal Pointing Device or Touchpad, press Enter and use arrow keys to enable or disable it.

Unfortunately, not all touch-pad icons are easy to figure out. If none of these suggestions work, you have got a hardware problem. You can send the laptop to a shop for repairs, or you can buy a small, wireless mouse and use that in its place. In case if you have Dell laptop you may get support from here.