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How to Fix Openload.co/pair or olpair.com or Openload Pair Kodi Error

Welcome to the best and easiest methods of solving the Openload.co/pair or olpair.com or Openload Pair Kodi Errors. Many Kodi users face problems due to these errors. Openload.co is one of the greatest database servers which comprise of a huge number of motion pictures, recordings, and TV programs. It is a streaming source through which users can watch videos, songs, movies etc. At whatever point you open a few films or television programs from add-ons like the exodus, it will stack the list of servers accessible for streaming the recordings. But the users continuously get the olpair.com pairing error. Actually, we can’t say it an error but it’s a message for users to use the best streaming experience. Here are the methods through which you can easily fix these errors without any trouble.

What is Openload.co/pair Error?


Openload.co/Pair Kodi is a server error which results in the interruption between the streaming of your favorite movies, sports and TV shows which are being hosted on Openload server. Openload is actually a server which enables you to stream all the movies, TV shows and sports channels uploaded on the internet.

Why do I get Openload.co/pair error?

Stream authorization error is caused due to unauthorized streaming. Of course, most of the streaming source of kodi are unauthorized only. Most of the sources are hosted on some secret servers. They might have some downtime. So in order to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, we have to go to a trusted source. Most of the kodi users are streaming from these sources. So in order to control excess traffic, they came up with a plan of stream authorization.

How to fix Openload.co/pair or olpair.com or Openload Pair Kodi Error?

There are two methods to Fix Kodi Openload co/pair error.

Method #1 – Pair Your IP Address

Step -1

When your streaming source demands for pairing, a message will appear on your screen OpenLoad Stream Authorization.

If you get tired of Openload.com error, then follow the below step by Step guide to get solution:

  • Make sure you have connected your streaming device and your mobile / pc on the same network.
  • Open internet browser and type the url: https://olpair.com/ in the address bar.
  • Now you will find something like the one in below image.

Step -2

Then you need to open the browser that supports HTML5 and all updated scripts. Open the link http://olpair.com that is shown in the message box.

Step -3

When you open the link in the browser, you will see that your IP Address appears on the screen. You will have to pair your IP address to stream all listed contents by the server.

fix Openload.co/pair or olpair.com


Step -4

Tap on the checkbox that displays “I’m not a robot“. It will identify you that you are a human, not a robot.

Now, you will have to solve the captcha to pair your IP address.

Step -5

Now, just click on the “Pair” button.

Step -6

Then a message will be displayed on your browser that you have successfully paired your IP address with the web servers such as https://olpair.com and https://openload.co.

openload pairing kodi error fix

Now close your browser and go to your Kodi. Enjoy the best streaming source. But one thing you will have to notice that your IP Address must be able while using this source. Don’t disable the IP Address while watching movies, videos, songs etc.

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Alternate Method to Fix Openload.co/Pair Error

Method #2 – Disable the Hosters with Captchas within Kodi

If you don’t want to fix these errors by pairing your IP Address or facing problem in this method, then use another to solve the issue. It is also a simple and easy method to fix the Openload.co/pair or olpair.com or Openload Pair Kodi Error. In this method, you just need to disable all captcha verification links and Hosters with captchas. Just follow the steps that given below:

Step -1

We will use the Exodus add-on that supports the Openload and other servers. First, open the home screen of Kodi on your device and click on add-ons from Video Add-ons and then select Exodus or any other video addon installed in your Kodi.

Step -2

Then scroll down and click on “Tools”.

Step -3

Then select Settings: Playback among many options.

Step -4

After selecting Playback setting, scroll down and search for File hosting filters setting. Then disable the Hosters with captchas and switch the toggle. Now click Ok to save all settings and refresh the Placenta or Exodus addon.

Disable the Hosters with Captchas within Kodi

Now you can enjoy the Kodi by streaming your best movies, songs, TV shows etc. After following these steps, you will not be asked again for pairing to access the Openload.co server

This solution is also applicable for other errors like: olpair error, openload pair, https olpair com, openload.co/pair, https://openload.com/pair, olpair.com, openload pair kodi, openload/pair https://olpair.com kodi. Hope that these methods will help you watch videos or movies on Kodi easily.