How to Book Uber without smart phone applications

Book Uber Without Smart phone Applications Smart phones these days have reduced much botheration. Booking or ordering anything from PC or laptop was hectic and it requires much time. Android or smartphone applications have shortened the steps by saving time. Users can easily book any ride of Ola or Uber, which is convenient for them

How to Run two Whatsapp account in one Phone

Run two Whatsapp account in one Phone WhatsApp become need of our life due to its effective and efficient user interface, users are able to use it without any difficulty. WhatsApp gives us the opportunity of sending text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images, documents and other media. More than 1

How to Install Koha Open Source Library Software

Koha is the open–source Integrated Library System (ILS) and widely used by worldwide school, colleges, universities and special libraries. Koha can easily accessible through this website. Koha Koha comes with many features & due to this reason Koha can be used as inventory management software or as Point of Sales (POS) software. Through koha digital repository can be maintained