How to Stop Instagram from Oversharing

Being the Instagram user, are you looking for How to stop instagram from oversharing? If yes, then read out below article.

Instagram’s newest function notifies your co-worker and mates about how currently you used the app. This means that friends can easily know if you are ignoring their direct messages. Certainly, there is an easy trick to disable this Activity Status feature and regain at least a sliver of your privacy.
Stop Instagram from Oversharing

This data and news is currently shared in Instagram’s Direct Messages section, where you will see each contact with whom you have privately chat and how long ago he or she used the app.

If a given contact is using Instagram at that moment, you will see the words “Active Now.” If you had rather not have your activity status displayed on your contacts’ accounts, this feature is easy to disable.

How to Stop Instagram from Oversharing

The only problem to disabling this new function is that you will not see your friends’ process statuses both. (That is a small worth to pay, as I might slightly cross unaware.)

Here is find out how to disable Task Standing sharing on Instagram:

1. In Instagram, click or heed on the profile tab.

2. Faucet the 3 dots icon within the most sensible right corner.

3. Scroll all the way down to Display Task Standing and faucet the transfer to disable it.

Congratulations, you disabled Task Standing for Instagram! Now the Direct Messages window will checklist most effective the final message and the way way back it used to be despatched or gained.

Hope that above method will guide you stop instagram from Oversharing. Share your valuable opinions regarding this topic.