How to survive with social isolation and loneliness in UK and USA

In the race of competition and technology many people are struggling hard to survive with social isolation and loneliness. Social isolation is silent killer which kills steadily from inside and then it harms physically and psychologically.

survive with social isolation and loneliness in UK and USA

Unfortunately it captures the whole world but the situation in USA and Britain is getting worse day by day. It ruins the life of about 9 million people in USA and Britain.

It does not only destroy their inner peace but it also the cause of many diseases like stress, blood pressure, child abuse, inappropriate sleep, heart diseases, hypertension, obesity and poor health.

How to survive with social isolation and loneliness in UK and USA

UK government recently appointed a politician Tracey Crouch as the minister to tackle the epidemic of loneliness. We expect that government will plan a better policy for rehabilitation of alone living people.
Around 2 Million people in UK having age above 60 are facing the problem of no conversation with a friend or relative in more than a month. It is estimated that about 85% of young disabled adults feel lonely. Many can go days, even weeks, with no social interaction at all. In the US, a third of citizens are categorized as lonely.

Social isolation causes more social media usage

American Psychiatrist says that causes of social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Pentastist Many people feel isolated.

According to a report, more than two hours a day using social media may cause an individual to be isolated from the society and then people do search from survive with social isolation and loneliness.The report has claimed that the imagination of other people’s lives can create emotional emotions.

The major problem is that they people have very busy routine. It seems that everyone is running towards the money and no one has time to share moments with each other. This leads them to loneliness which causes many other problems. If they take it seriously and make effort then they can rid of it.

Here I will tell you some tips to survive with social isolation and loneliness.

Tips to survive with social isolation and loneliness in UK and USA

Learn to make yourself happy:

Be yourself, it means first thing you should learn survive from loneliness is how to make yourself happy. You don’t have to rely on anybody to make you happy. Discover the things that make you happy.

Don’t regret the things you lose learn from them and try to make things better in present rather than live in past. Don’t push yourself down by blaming yourself. Try to find new ways of hurdles rather than sitting alone, it will not find any solution but make you victim of loneliness.

Spend time with yourself:

If you have lack of relationships then don’t take it serious. Try to be your own counselor and best friend.  Be your own friend by sharing things with yourself. Share everything with yourself that you want to tell others. By sharing problems you will find more solutions to emerge. Appreciate yourself for small rewards and give yourself priority. Once you do it you will never ever feel lonely.

Meet with other people:

If you feel alone and worry and your siblings are living so far from you. Continue to try to interact with other people even if it’s not a long term interaction. A short lived friendship is better than no contact at all.

Understand your problems:

It is very important to understand yourself. Recognize the situation that make you feel lonely and then find ways to comes out from it. The best way is to engage yourself in different things like if you have habit of book reading then read quality books in your alone time. You can watch funny movies, listen calm music, play games and much more things you like to do.

Surround yourself with people that make you happy:

Often we feel lonely even in the cluster of people. So always be with those who make you happy and comfortable. Humans are social animals and they need to social relations to survive in the society. But the important thing is make honest and loyal relations with others. If you have no good quality friends circle then it cause you stress and lonely even in the company of people. You can spend your spare time with those people and share your problems with them. It will give you relaxation and you will never feel lonely.

Communicate via social media (twitter, Facebook, etc.). Join on-line social groups and forums. Take up a hobby, get into activism and meet other activist. Join your local gym (some have classes), take a class at your local community college. Join a writing club or book club.

Be a Volunteer:

A best way survive from loneliness is to be a volunteer or you can join any social group. It helps you to reduce loneliness by involving you in nationwide campaigning work. It is not only the best way of wide social circle but you can also learn increase knowledge and experience.

Take Patience:

The one thing you should take Patience. Keep in mind that loneliness is temporary and the situation will obviously be fine. See the positive aspects of the situation rather than negativity. Learn to laugh and make your own boss of happiness. Don’t let the loneliness defeats you and challenge yourself to handle the situation.

By adopting the above methods you can survive with social isolation and loneliness. Loneliness seems war with yourself, so spend your life in a good manner. Don’t let yourself down in any situation. Learn to fight with loneliness and make the key of happiness in your own pocket!