Which Smartphones Emit the Most Radiation?

Many people remain hours busy with mobile phones daily, but some of them may be aware that how smartphones work or what is the impact of mobile radiation on the human body. There are few questions that need to be answered:

  • Does mobile phone radiation is harmful?
  • May it be cause of cancer?
  • How can we prevent ourselves from mobile radiation?

Many scientists are searching to find answers of these questions, but no final research has been published till yet.
Which Smartphones Emit the Most Radiation?
What we know is that mobile frequency radios have a wide range of radios, which are the type of non-academic radiation.

Which Smartphones Emit the Most Highest Radiation?

This radiation is less powerful than radiation from X-rays, ultraviolet resin and Gama Rays and can destroy our cells by transforming our DNA structure, but non-studying radios. The situation is not clear about the impact on the human body’s parts.

There are several types of radio frequency waves around us, including FM radio broad, microwave, heat and visible light.

The non-ionizing radiation does not have enough power to affect DNA directly and damage the DNA cells.

Mobile communication generates radio frequency waves, which are not the type of non-rating radiation.
But according to the US Cancer Society website, there are genuine concerns about whether the mobile phones ‘risk raises or increase risk of headaches and neck.’

Extreme intense radio frequency wavens can heat the human body tissues. It’s just like Microwave Oven works.

Although the energy emitted from the mobile phone is very low and it is not enough to increase the temperature of the human body. But according to the American Cancer Society, it is unclear whether or not it implies harmful effects on human health.

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High Radiation emitting and Less Radiation emitting Cell Phones

Scientists have set a SAR Level (Specific Absorption Rate) for measuring the implications of radiations on  health.

This radio frequency is the amount of energy that a person can absorb while using a mobile phone.

The SAR level differs from one smartphone to another and it is necessary for phone-making companies to know what their phone SAR level.

Every mobile user should know this information or its be available on the internet. Continue reading for further details.

Germany’s Federal Office for Radio Protection has developed a database which has been reviewed by new and old anime phones regarding radiation emissions.

Smartphones producing most radiations (According to SAR Levels)

  1. One Plus 5T 1.68
  2. Ohio Matt 9 1.64
  3. Nokia Lumia 630 1.51
  4. Huawei 9 Plus 1.48
  5. Huawei X 8 1.44
  6. Ohio Nova Plus 1.41

Regarding the highest radiation emissions, Chinese mobile phone One Plus 5T is on the top and Nokia Lumia 630 on the next number.

Apple’s iPhone is on 7th, iPhone 8 is on 12th and iPhone 7 Plus were ranked 15th number. While Sony Express XX-One Compact 11, ZTE Tune 7 Money 13 and BlackBerry DTE 60th ranked 14th.

Unfortunately, there is no global standard is set with respect to the safe level of mobile phone radiation, but the standard set by the German entity Blue Enjel is considered to be the most reliable consumer.

This institution only approves it on mobile phones whose ‘level level’ is 0.60 Watts per kilogram.

In the list of German Federal Office for Redemption Protection, which includes more radiation-erasing mobile, they are removing double radiation at this rate and in Win Plus 5T, this rate is 1.68 Watt per kg.

Sony Expresser M5 (0.14), Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (0.17), Samsung S6Ege Plus (0.22), Google Pixel XL (0.25), Samsung Galaxy 8 ( 0.26) and Samsung 7Ege (0.26).

To know the level of radiation emission of your mobile phone, you can go to the website of the mobile, mobile-making company or US Federal Communications Commission.

Speaking on a mobile phone, keep the antenna away from the head as possible

How to Protect yourself from Radiation/ Radioactivity?

Radio frequency waves are the most powerful near the mobile phone antennas that are incomplete in modern anime.

The power of these waves, as far as the phone gets away from the phone.

Most users connect it to the ear using the phone, but according to the American Cancer Society, as much as the antenna, the closer to the head will likely be more likely to affect the human frequency of the energy.

However, You can avoid from radiation in following ways:

  • Just make a short time on mobile phones
  • Speaking on the phone talk on the speaker or use hand-free so that the phone is away from your head.
  • Try to be near the mobile phone tower so that a better signal is available to the phone and it does not have much energy to achieve better signal.
  • Choose a mobile phone whose ‘level level’ is low.
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